Video: VERY IMPORTANT: Did Simon Roche of the Suidlanders defraud Americans to buy a farm in SA?

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In this video, Melve, Vanessa and Jan are interviewed by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock in the UK about the Suidlanders and Simon Roche. Andrew is a Christian (Christian Identity). Andrew explains why he decided NOT to interview Simon Roche last year. He questions Melve about her and Faith Goldy’s emails to Simon Roche and also questions Vanessa about Simon’s (below the belt) accusations against her.

Melve explains the information she received from multiple sources that Simon Roche used the monies he collected in the USA last year (supposedly for helping whites in a Civil War), and how he used it to buy a farm for himself in South Africa.

It seems as if Simon may have engaged in criminal fraud. Melve suggests that if people believe they were defrauded by Simon Roche, that they should go to their local Police station and open a case for criminal fraud so that the matter can be properly investigated.

Vanessa, explains her contact with the Suidlanders and how she found out they lie so much.

In this video Melve does not mention the amount of money, but according to my sources, the amount is in the region of R2.5 million – which is approximately US$200,000. We do know that American Churches are still donating money to the Suidlanders regularly.

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