Jewish HATRED of White Males – Destruction of Love, Lives and Family – Discussion with a White Woman


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[This is a discussion with a White Lady that I had recently. Jan]

The lady wrote:

Yes, I do believe women need to get back to supporting men. I’m getting quite disgusted with the incessant criticism of white men. Good God, they did make mistakes but that means you put them in time out, but not DESTROY them! I see so many homeless white males in my area. The (((tribe))) is artificially lifting up blacks to unimaginable heights of power and glory while white men beg on street corners, with their backpacks and dogs at their side. I tried one time, to help a young homeless white man who was highly intelligent, but ended up living in a tent, but what I learned that even a short stint of homelessness can leave a man feeling so degraded that he ends up with mental health issues, and they have a hard time humbling themselves to accept help from a woman. This particular young man ended up taking a knife and cutting up my belongings. So I’m a bit afraid to help white males in dire straits in the same way after that. However, from a distance it’s not so bad. Currently, there is a very intelligent Aryan who is homeless who produces a lot of content online that is a real gift for us all – knowledge. He was sick, living in his car, so I put him in a hotel room for 5 days. I hope he gets better. Earlier, this same Aryan was living rent free at a woman’s home for months, and she took a fancy to him and wanted intimacy but he was not interested, so she asked him to leave. I think it was common for most of recorded history that if a male took in a female, intimacy was the natural outcome, or expected. So you see, it’s gotten quite confusing. Another woman I knew took in a homeless man to her house, but he started taking over as if it was his house, which didn’t sit well with her. In the old days, males used to be property owners and females were wives or servants in the home, now females often own property. It changes the traditional dynamic and people don’t quite know how to adapt to that. In any case, keep up the good work.

I Replied:
Yes, I agree that the Jews are raising up the Blacks to incredible levels of power and glory. They’ve been doing it for decades. I suspect that most "Black success" is actually fake. It’s definitely unnatural. At the same time, Whites are kept down. I saw this with my own eyes in my last job where I clung to my work for a long time, knowing that it would be the end for me. In the bank I saw how White Women and White faggots were happily promoted right to the top, but the NORMAL WHITE MEN – all of them – stayed at the bottom. The NORMAL WHITE MALE is the one they wish to DESTROY BY ALL MEANS. They drive him away from his women and everything. They drive a wedge between men and women. They’ve done all they can to destroy the family and to destroy the authority of the White male so that his women, and even his children look down on him or rebel against him.

re: Begging Whites and homeless Whites and confusion.
Thanks for those stories. They are well worth telling. I am sorry to hear there are so many White homeless men in America. I was not aware it was so bad. I’m sorry about your experiences. Here in SA we’ve had a certain portion of Whites fall down like that. Some turn to begging or sleeping on sidewalks or end up in camps. I’ve seen Whites turn to crime and even working with Blacks and other races in criminal gangs. There are quite a few White beggars. White men NEVER used to beg. It’s unknown here. Now you see them. When these Whites fall, some might never be normal again. Some might remain criminals. I do think quite a few of the poor Whites could be fixed with National Socialism. I’m convinced of that. I think that would fix men and women alike. I believe that firmly. It was really nice of you to put that guy in a hotel. I hope he got well. I’m delighted to hear that he’s producing online content! WOW! WOW! Who is he? He is doing excellent stuff by finding himself even during such a misery.

re: Men had homes.
You are right about the sexual confusion. This is a very deep illness brought on by all those ugly Jewish hags and all the filthy Jewish fake intellectuals who destroyed our system which was working absolutely fine for our race. I will comment more on this in videos. But we need a return to most (but not all) of our values. The male-female relationship is utterly critical for healthy racial survival and Jews have torn this to shreds and now we worship transgender and fags and we want paedophilia, etc. It is a fact that Jews have also focused on elevating White women artificially in some cases, in their war against the White Male. Jews know that their PRIME ENEMY is the WHITE MALE and therefore they’ve done EVERYTHING to totally destroy him. Thus you have women being turned against men. Like I say, I saw White women being promoted to the top where previously there were just White men. And when the White women were promoted ALL OF THE TOP WAS COMPOSED OF WHITE WOMEN ONLY! Not one normal White man among them, except for a White fag. I could see this was totally artificial. If it had been done on ability alone, there would have been a mix of men and women.

I’m going to do videos on our ancient culture with a focus on the Romans. DON’T MISS ANYTHING ROMAN OR FROM THE PAST. In there is extremely important stuff. Once you grasp that, then EVERYTHING about how our society came to be as it was (before Jews tore everything down), WILL MAKE TOTAL SENSE to you. You’ll understand why our society was male dominated. You’ll understand the WHY of our civilisation.

I have, in my own life, noticed the extreme danger of White women due to the way the Law everywhere has been perverted. I have seen what happened to men I knew well, and how their lives were destroyed by their own wives. One case in point was exceptionally sad for me. I knew an English guy here in JHB. His name was Brian. Brian was such a nice guy, and one of the few to support my website 20 years ago. I got to know Brian well. He helped me out with my PCs. So I would visit him. Brian had a lovely duplex flat and he was married with 2 kids. He was a happy guy. And everything was nice. One day, after knowing him for about 15 years, I again needed to see him. But then I discovered he no longer lived there. I eventually found him in a small room that he was renting. He told me that his wife had decided to end their marriage and she took the children and the home they had lived in. So now he was on his own. During all the time I’d known him, including when his wife left him, he had ALWAYS had a job – a pretty decent job – in computers. So it was not as if he was a useless bum. He was a functional White guy. But she decided it was time to part ways, and so he lost pretty much everything. Many things which used to be quite normal, like men pursuing women, have turned into all kinds of weird things now, like potential sexual harassment. So a lot of normal (healthy) animal instincts, have become things that can destroy a man. All the laws have changed so that if a man marries a woman or is involved with her, that SHE can wipe him out. I think I read once that in the USA 70% of divorces are initiated by the WOMEN.

Now in the Right Wing movement, things are EVEN WORSE. Much worse. I know of well known guys in our movement whose girlfriends left them or the girlfriend and the children want nothing to do with Dad because Dad is some kind of Right Wing nut. In South Africa, I know of the Government approaching the wives of men in the Right Wing and paying them to spy on their husbands.

For the White male, ESPECIALLY the White Male in the White Right, I can tell you, that White Women are a mine field. It’s actually very dangerous. A woman can turn around, and just WIPE YOU OUT over night and the law will be on her side.

The methods of marriage and how we as a race used to conduct ourselves is itself a fascinating topic. I’ll try to do some stuff on this topic. I dug into it quite a lot. Its actually quite fascinating the methods we used and how we arrived at what we have. And we’ve tried some different things. Some of it is quite fun actually.

We’ve NEVER had a problem producing children. All our problems are modern problems, and you can trace it to a lot of Jewish and Capitalist garbage.

I can understand why that one guy turned away from the woman who wanted to be intimate with him. Did you ever look into or hear of the concept: MGTOW. Men Going their Own Way? I see on Jewish Youtube that they got rid of MGTOW. But I used to watch a number of those videos, as did other guys in the movement that I knew. And I’ve seen the posts that White men in our movement have made about women. I want to tell you, there is a SHOCKING amount of White Male ANGER (especially in America) towards White women. They are SERIOUSLY ANGRY at White women. I can understand why.

However, all these things need to be fixed, and everything can be fixed. But people need to understand WHY are are the way we are and WHY our civilisation, in it’s evolution, ended up this way.

When I was young, we just did things in certain ways, because that was how it worked. But nobody ever explained to us WHY it was this way. And I think across the whole of the Western world, we operated like this. I think if people UNDERSTOOD how it was that we as a people arrived at this, then everyone will know what the benefits and reasons are.

The more I look at what Jews say, and the more I read our deeper history, I must tell you, Jewish logic and Jewish reasons are either totally deliberately evil and malicious; or Jews are just plain idiots. (Some Jews are quite idiotic actually). But at a higher level, there is deeper malice. We truly must NOT be listening to any of these people.

We were 100% fine. There was nothing wrong with us sexually or emotionally. We were functioning perfectly fine as a race and a civilisation. On the plus side, I don’t think it will be difficult to fix. For example, girls want to be girls and want to experience certain things and they have a natural drive to have children. I think with the right encouragement, we can fix things quite easily actually if we are ruled properly instead of being ruled, either like us in SA by Blacks, or like the rest of you, by a treasonous, White-hating, Jew-loving elite.

The problems and illnesses of Whites are probably MOSTLY induced by Jewish garbage that has been foisted on our civilisation through the Mass Media. I’m convinced that there are lots of problems that were artificially created. I can’t believe for example, how many hideously, disgustingly, obese women there are. This can’t be natural. Girls used to want to be pretty. They were keen to be pretty and to have nice dresses. Men also looked a hell of a lot better. I’m convinced that JEWISH VALUES thrust upon our civilisation has destroyed our ability to breed and it was totally intentional.

And as you say, Jews promoted Blacks and glorified Blacks. It was all a deliberate part of Jewish moves. And it has damaged our entire race and our entire civilisation. It was totally unnatural, and would NEVER have happened by itself. I’m 100% convinced of this.

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