Whites! Do something for your RACE EVERY DAY … treat it like a RELIGION!


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Folks, try in YOUR LIFE to do something for our RACE EVERY DAY. Do anything, no matter how small. The simplest thing you can do is to pass on some article or news item or some video or photo or meme to some other White to awaken them.

Do a little something EVERY DAY of your life. Treat it with a religious seriousness.

Our RACE is the highest thing there is, and doing something GOOD for our RACE is the highest thing you can do.

And show kindness, forgiveness to others in our race. Reserve something beautiful for one of our people. Even if it is a simple compliment or a kind word.

Lift someone’s spirits.

Do something RACIAL once a day … even if you only set aside 10 or 15 minutes for it.

It is so easy these days.

Do it.

There are *GREAT* stirrings coming and you can play your part in that awakening.


And YOU can be a part of that.

And if you have extra time, write to a White in prison. We have so many good people in jail for some junk Jewish reason.

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