Tesla’s Radio controlled weapons – Are Drones a war game changer? – Why did Drones take so long to become viable? – South Africa’s Secret Drones

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I am wondering to myself if Drones are the new "tanks" … Some kind of game changer.

The future will require counter-drones – the ability to shoot down anything, no matter how numerous or how small.

In the 1990s – in the middle of the 1990s, Johan, a Boer I had worked with who went into National Intelligence was telling me that the secret hot button of all the major air forces in the world was DRONES.

He told me that the countries with the most advanced Drone technology back then were: America, Germany, Israel and South Africa. South Africa I know was working on drones and had flying drones in the 1960s and early 1970s. But they were exclusively for spying.

Johan claimed that South Africa had a drone that could fly 3,000 Km and drop nuclear bombs. That is what he told me. But how true it is I don’t know.

What is amazing is why drones have taken so long to become viable.

Tesla was demonstrating radio controlled ships to the British Navy in the 1890s. So why has Radio control taken so long to get off the ground? Is it because it can be jammed and then your weapon is useless? Though the Germans in WW2 had some radio controlled bombs, etc.

Is it that the drone that has a computer and is autonomous and can fly itself … is that the real kicker here?

Is it that a drone can also function in radio silence?

It is fascinating me that only now are drones really coming to the fore and it must in huge part be due to computers and software and newer technologies.

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