Rhodesian Bush War: The biggest Terrorist bombing: Salisbury Woolworths bombing


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[This was the biggest, and to my knowledge, perhaps the only true, "South African style" bombing that we had inside a major city in Rhodesia. The Woolworths bombing. In South Africa, this type of stuff was very common in the 1980s. We had this going on a LOT! Many times it did not even make the news it was so common. Jan]

This is what Wikipedia says about it:

On 6 August 1977, during the Rhodesian Bush War, a Woolworths store in Salisbury, Rhodesia (today Harare, Zimbabwe) was bombed by Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army (ZANLA).[1][2][3] Eleven civilians were killed and 76 were injured. Of those killed, eight were black Rhodesians, including two pregnant women and a young boy, and three were whites, members of a single family, Gillian and Donald Mayor and their mother. Mr Mayor and another daughter, Wendy, were seated in a car outside when the bomb went off.[4]

The bomb, comprising about 75 pounds (34 kg) of high explosives, was planted in an area where customers checked packages in before shopping on the upper floor of the two-storey building. It detonated shortly before the crowded store was to close at noon that Saturday.[5] The perpetrators, two teachers, afterwards escaped to Mozambique.[6]

Ian Smith, the Rhodesian Prime Minister, expressed horror at the bombing. "Those who have perpetrated this barbarous outrage can hardly be described as human," he said.[5] Rhodesian black nationalist leaders Bishop Abel Muzorewa and the Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole also condemned the attack.[4]

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salisbury_Woolworths_bombing

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