S.Africans: A Medical Petition to sign: Stop Medical Colonialism: Vote NO to the WHO, UN, and AU


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Stop Medical Colonialism: Vote NO to the WHO, UN, and AU

Vote in our referendum to withdraw from the WHO, the United Nations, the African Union, and anyone else who would like to mess with your sovereign rights.

The WHO, UN and AU are collaborating to bring in ONE WORLD MEDICAL GOVERNMENT using their pandemic preparedness agreement and amendments to their “International Health Regulations”.
Although South Africa and 46 other African nations voiced their objections earlier this year, the process is going ahead. THE MEDIA IS SILENT.
The WHO will have control of every aspect of our every day lives using health preparedness as their justification.
Were you happy with how the WHO managed the “pandemic”? Fraudulent tests, lockdowns, masks, children taken out of school, track and trace, “vaccines” and access to ivermectin denied. The WHO thinks all of this is fantastic, but wants to add “vaccine” passports and MORE VACCINES to their tools and tactics.
The WHO is funded by Big Pharma, who have profited HUGELY from vaccines. THIS IS A CONFLICT OF INTEREST!
This show Is kicking off in December 2022, will cost tax payer money and if we don’t comply we will be sanctioned!
With great appreciation to James Roguski for his untiring efforts in pushing back against the World Health Organization, and for his assistance in compiling this page.

Please take the time to read and share the very important information below concerning the future of South Africa with your groups, communities, congregations, family and friends.

Unfortunately, events are currently taking place of which the media is not making the public aware.

The most important of these is the creation of a legally-binding relationship with the World Health Organisation (WHO), the United Nations (UN) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) via a “Pandemic Treaty” (“the treaty”), also known as the WHO CAII: Convention, Agreement or other International Instrument.

The agreements that the government is entering into — behind our backs — could give the WHO jurisdiction and dominion over every aspect of our lives.

This agreement could override our constitutional rights.

Regulations pertaining to our health are being used to allow for a neo-colonialist, one world government.

This may seem unbelievable but, sadly, technically and legally speaking, this is is true!

The WHO is a division of the United Nations that was supposed to be funded by member states, but is now largely funded by privately-run organisations, many of whom are investors in Big Pharma. It has run the pandemic and our lives for almost three years. Government, and even Woolworths, refer constantly to the need to follow instructions from the WHO. We can provide incontrovertible proof of this.

To date, the WHO has had the power to make recommendations, but not to enforce them. However, the South African government and many other countries voted the proposed “pandemic treaty” should be legally-binding at a meeting held in July 2022, which means that this will no longer be the case.

South Africa is also co-chairing the development of the pandemic treaty so there is no question that our government wants this to happen. Deputy President David Mabuza has stated on record that “the treaty” will go ahead, the NEC will decide, and this issue will not be debated in Parliament.

“The treaty” will allow the WHO to continue to do and enforce everything they have done wrong over the past two to three years and more, i.e. declare a pandemic for a disease that was, in fact, no more serious than the flu, based on fraudulent RT-PCR testing and, worst of all, death from which could have been prevented if early treatment with zinc, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, had been allowed and supported.

Our government has indeed betrayed the trust of the people of South Africa.

You can sign the petition here: https://referendums.co.za/@nowho

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