S.Africa: Chasing the Ghost of Harry Smith – Note about White South African Farmers


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[I got this note from a reader.]

Received on: 2018-02-11 :-

You can view the video she’s referring to here: http://theride.co.za/chasing-ghost-harry-smith

Hi Jan::

this internet site is from a tv series how I was watching on Dish Network TV today (I only watch rural tv sometimes, otherwise it is trash). I looked it up on a map and it is close by where you are in SA. however, these people sleep outside, travel at whim without any problems with locals, etc. one would think it is a wonderful place to tour as a tourist like any other country. there is no problems such those you speak of on your sites, on programs with Andy Hitchcock, none. it is a lovely country for sure. people would be shocked there was social problems seeing this.

I am wondering? we don’t get any news from S.A. AT ALL! So, could this be a propaganda program, so that if we here in USA hear something negative, we dismiss it? It sure gives you guys a good reputation in OUR eyes. No wonder you swim against the tide there, as no one up here has a clue, and if we do hear something, it is good propaganda like this.

they did make one statement I thought was interesting. one commented, about fences? “these farmers sure do like their fences”. they said it despairingly, and probably stupidly. (they hate having to go around them, evidently).

anyway, I was just wanting you to check this out so you can see if this is something you need to speak against for outsiders to know ‘truth’. well, like you say, joos don’t do truth!

Is this story about harry smith real history? Problem not…on tel lie vision.

I hope it is not a waste of your precious time, as you have so little.

Thanks for your note.

I went and had a quick look at the article. Yes, this sounds very real and plausible.

I did not watch the video. I prefer to watch videos and I can’t download Vimeo.

The farmers need fences because they must keep their animals in and also because the blacks would come in.

As a rule all you’ll hear is liberal jewish hate about South Africa. They will tell you only bad things about the Whites and they try to demoralise all whites inside and outside South Africa.

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