American supporter writes: I’ve infiltrated Liberal groups… Let’s move the White agenda forward…

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[Here’s a message an American left for me on AfricanCrisis. Jan]

Received on: 2018-02-11 :-

Thanks for what you are doing. I live in the United States and have put up with more than enough Liberal-Jew ideological malarky for the past 30 years. I’d like to receive updates. I especially like your interviews. Do you have a podcast or have you ever thought of creating one? We need to reach more White people. Due to my understanding and proximity to liberals I have been able to infiltrate their group interactions and discussions, and I’ve found that, when it comes to White protestant people, they’re not completely ignorant or unable to grasp the deviant and subversive agenda of Jews and their pawns the blacks. But you have to approach the conversation intelligently and with appropriate rhetoric. And I have discovered that even ardent University liberals can be managed and repositioned.
Anyway, I am just trying to make contact and receive updates. We are allies. Let us move the White culture and ancestry forward! The future is full of glorious potential! Thanks.

My Reply:
Thanks for your nice message. I’m publishing it without giving out your name.

Nice stuff infiltrating other groups. Clever move.

I’m glad to hear that White Protestants and even University Liberals can be handled. I would like to know more about the approach you use to arrive at that.

I prefer clear, direct statements which are “offensive” to “higher intellectuals”. It is important to communicate clearly. But as you note it will not be liked in other areas and among the upper classes.

What I do not like is the fact that whites everywhere have to “speak in codes” in order to keep others happy.

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