Blacks still fleeing SA due to Xenophobia: Mozambique to repatriate citizens as attacks on foreigners continue

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[This is black on black. Amazing how the South African blacks have been continuing to chase other blacks out of the country. I don't hear any Jews condemning this. Jan]

ohannesburg – Mozambique President Filipe Nyusi says his country is busy processing the repatriation of hundreds of Mozambican citizens from South Africa after continuing xenophobic violence resulted in 500 Mozambicans losing their homes in South Africa, the privately-owned STV Noticias reported.

Nigeria also reported that more than 600 of its citizens were ready to be airlifted home as South African ministers held a special security meeting on Tuesday and promised to clamp down on illegal migration into the country.

“With regards to hiring of undocumented foreign nationals, we will clamp down on private business owners who do not abide by the labour and immigration laws. Home Affairs, Police Service and department of labour will intensify inspections,” the Justice, Crime Prevention and Security Cluster said.

Meanwhile, South African police say they have arrested approximately 300 people as at least five more African nationals have lost their lives in the latest round of attacks.

Ghana has confirmed the injury of three of its citizens and the arrest of five others while Kenya says two of its citizens have been killed.


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