Do White South Africans have any friends anywhere?

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[This is from a bigger article that I wrote about Putin, the Russians and South Africa. Jan]

The real issue below is WHO ARE THE FRIENDS OF WHITE SOUTH AFRICANS? Do we actually have any real friends? This is something I investigated from the very beginning of setting up my original AfricanCrisis. After years of looking at the matter I concluded the only real friends we will have are OTHER COMMON WHITES LIKE US. I concluded that our situation is true FOR ALL OTHER NORMAL WHITES TOO. There are no normal common Whites on this planet who can look to any other STATE to save them. In this regard there are White Americans who are in love with Russia on the basis that Russia will save them. This is garbage. The Russians have had an interest in neo-NAZIS in the West for a long time as a destabilizing force – as a possible basis for terrorism inside the West and no more. Not because they actually like them. But simply to use them and abuse them. ALL COMMON WHITES ONLY HAVE ONE SET OF FRIENDS: OTHER NORMAL COMMON WHITES. PERIOD. There is NO WHITE STATE anywhere on the planet for White people. The last true states for us were the Third Reich, Mussolini’s Italy and the Axis allies; then Apartheid South Africa, Rhodesia and Portugal. The friendlist states for Whites ARE EUROPEAN ONES EVEN SMALL ONES. All the Great Powers are anti-White. I have of late been digging into the Multipolar world and into trying to grasp what "American Grand Strategy" is. And it’s all a bunch of Jewish crap that has fooled the White Elites of America. It’s all garbage. Don’t think that the actions of nations are determined by how they "feel". It is determined by physical geography more than anything. All nations sit and face the same problems and advantages sometimes for hundreds of years.

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