S.Africa: Are we Boers or Afrikaners? Is Afrikaner a Jewish invention?

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[This is an email that a Boer sent me. I'm publishing it below. I don't buy this story. And what I did afterwards was that I decided to ask Dr Mike Du Toit to answer. Dr Mike Du Toit was the leader of the Boeremag and spent a long time in jail. But he is an ACADEMIC, and he knows our history and he's written several books. I thought he is the highest authority I can turn to on this issue. He knows our history in South Africa, and I think he is perfectly qualified to put this matter to rest. Jan]

This is what was sent to me:

Hello Jan,

Kindly notice the language spoken in the illegal British (jew) colony of Sick Africa known as "afrikaans" is not afrikaans. The Boer language which was developed by the Boers. After the War (1899-1902) the Afrikaner renamed Boers to Afrikaans to create the impression that it was the "Afrikaner" (white Christians) who developed the language. Fact is that the white Christian Afrikaners spoke a language referred to as a kitchen language, a concoction of Dutch, Malaisian, Koi, San and others they kept as slaves, and also fornicated with, where else do the Cape Coloureds originate from ? These Cape Coloureds were made police in the Cape to prosecute the Boers when they dared to defend themselves agains black attacks on their farms and raids of their cattle. I have a formal document issued by the Afrikaners in which they admit they had no language, and hence had to learn the Boer’s language. The Boer language (Boers) is a teutonic language, and a lot like Flemish. The Cape Afrikaans is a fanagalo which cannot be developed into a communication language. Today Boers is humiliated by adding slang words, making those speaking it sound like coloureds. A language is the identity of a people. There is a book written by a jew called Cecil Rhodes and the Cape Afrikaners, I strongly advise you read it. Boers do not accociate with the "Afrikaner" or "white" identity. It was the "whites" and Afrikaners who fought the wars against the Boers so that the jews can plunder the resources, considering that Christians worship the jews. The "Israel" identity if the Africans (who were the slaves in Egypt) was stolen by the Khazars so the "white" race would worship them in their religion. Boers were never Christians. It was the prosecution all over Europe by the Christians which forced those who refused to participate in this demonic religion to flee their countries, and then became Freeburghers, of whom some fled to the Cape and settled outside the colonial (Christian) borders. After the War the Boers were forced into one of the Christian religion sects, that is why on all the old Afrikaner forms you had to fill in which church you attend. If you were not in one, they’d quickly send someone to force you, or else… Afrikaners hate the Boers, the Boer identity is a stark reminder to them for the genocide they committed for the jews. Afrikaner will rather live onder black rule and continue the genocide on the Boers than to see the Boers get their country back. It is not important that they themselves is destroying what ever was here, considering a first world colony is sliding back into becomming a 3rd world place with no vision of recovering. The only reason "the Afrikaner" could create the impression that all was so great in the old Sick Africa under the Afrikaner dictatorship, was the vast resources stolen from the Boer’s country. In reality everything went downhill to eventually where the white Afrikaners sold the Boer country to the jew created ANC terrorist organization in 1994. Also remember that the Afrikaners declared themselves unconditional servants of the jews around 1886, and has served British (jewish) interrests ever since. Hence the joke of the teacher asking the children in class – What is the capital of Sick Africa ? And the answer is Tel Aviv, miss. Never the less, the Boer language is not Afrikaans, it is Boers. And we do not live in a country called "South Africa", there is no such a place. For a country to exist it has to have a founding Nation (volk), and Sick Africa includes the Zulu’s country, theXhosa’s country, and the Boer’s country, making it an illegal colony under international law. That the Boers, Zulu and Xhosa defended their land in Wars, makes their countries undesputidly theirs. No one else has any claim to land in Southern Africa, not even the Afrikaners have claim to land, because they never attempted independence from the jewish rule anywhere in history, and fought against any one who wanted independence, even today. During the War on the Boers, they were the National Scouts, some 30 000 joined to fight in British uniform against the Boers, and helped to man the concentration hell camps. There is NOT ONE thing the Cape Dutch white Afrikaner can name that they did that was an advantage in Southern Africa. I challange you to name one. They and the other "whites" came here as colonials and are just that, no love of the land and hate those the land belong to. In Sick Africa there is not one so called humanitarian law, or international law, that is not violated, (rape is a better word) to the extreme. If you want proof of anything I mentioned here, send an e-mail address and I’ll send you the proof.

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