Harry Knoesen Rebellion: Trial: Knoesen wanted to assassinate General of Boer Legion – Middelburg Observer

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[This is a translation of the Afrikaans story of Harry Knoesen's trial. I was astounded that Harry was talking about killing the General in charge of the Boere Legion, Izak Van Zyl. I will explain that separately. Jan]

Knoesen wanted to "take out" "General" of Boer Legion – Middelburg Observer

On Thursday, ten of the videos uploaded by Knoesen on social media platforms were broadcast in court.

Today’s proceedings began with the last two videos, after which they switched to audio clips that were sent between Knoesen and his followers on WhatsApp, among other places.

Both today’s video and audio clips ushered in a tangible move in Knoesen and his Crusaders ‘two-year public propaganda campaign for a coup and genocide of black countrymen, with sudden messages of arrests, raids and suggestions that the Crusaders’ leadership flee underground ”.

In one of the audio clips, Knoesen sounds worried and asks if he "should not remove two of the videos, because it would have very bad consequences if they were discovered".

In a previous video, he suddenly spoke out against traitors – "bad white skins" – after hearing about other far-right groups that Knoesen allegedly went to report to the police.

"General" Izak van Zyl of the Boer Legion was denounced by Knoesen as one of the traitors.

In a subsequent audio clip, Knoesen asks that "Van Zyl and everything he loves be taken out".

He also threatened in a video, "You have been warned," that Crusader forces would wipe out other far-right leaders and their families.

"It’s uncomfortable for me," says Knoesen but adds, "it is a command from God".

In some of the passages he also talks about his meeting with angels, once in his sleep and another time at the braai place in his garden.

He apparently "celebrated" for almost two hours with the angel in his sleep in 1993 while his ex-wife, Hester, kept time by staring at the clock on the bedside table.

The visit was a year before the first democratic elections in the country.

When the court briefly adjourned at 11:00, Knoesen said on his way to cells to www.mobserver.co.za "it is humiliating!".

Court proceedings resumed shortly after 11:00 but were postponed to Monday again at 13:00 due to bursary.

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