Discussion with a European Supporter: Anti-White system in Scandanavia – Extreme Stress for Whites in S.Africa Corporate world


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[This is what I wrote to one of my supporters in Europe. At least he has a big family (for modern times) and he's fit. Jan]

I wrote:
I’m glad you are self-employed. That’s the best way to be in this disgusting world. I couldn’t handle the corporate world any more, and when I look at my family who are in the corporate world, I can see how much stress they take and how it ruins their health. They are literally KILLING THEMSELVES. My niece told me how her best friend is 41 and she got a stroke recently! I’m telling you it’s STRESS. Whites are under a lot of stress as they try to survive.

I’m delighted to hear that you have a family of 5. That’s fantastic!!! That is very valuable.

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