Jews lied INTENSELY about Nelson Mandela: Mandela HATED WHITES INTENSELY!

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[I am utterly convinced that it is the “White Jews” of South Africa who backstabbed the rest of the whites, especially the Boers, intensely. It is these White Jews who, IMO are responsible for Mandela being a world icon while the Whites instead are UNIVERSALLY HATED!!!! Who set that up? The Jews play a huge role in it.

The Black Jewish President, Ramaphosa, like all Jews, is passive aggressive. He hides his hatred and maliciousness well.Jan]

Here are some excerpts from my 2002 book Government by Deception where I talk about what the real Nelson Mandela was like:

Pg 147 of 301

In my discussions with former Military Intelligence people, I heard a

similar story. The communists are an elite. So who is a communist and who

isn’t? Approximately half of the ANC MP’s are communists. Most of the key

positions in government are occupied by communists who ran on an ANC

election ticket. I was told that Nelson Mandela is a communist. Thabo Mbeki

used to be a member of the communist party. Cyril Ramaphosa is also a

communist (even though he masquerades as a capitalist these days).

Pg 208 (I did not mention the source in my book, but the actual source was General Tienie Groenewald who ran Military Intelligence for 20 years. This is what he told me to my face when I was at his house in 2001):

A former high-ranking politician told me one day that the hatred for white

people among high-ranking ANC members is far greater than we believe. He

told me confidentially that he had been involved in many negotiations with

Mandela or Mbeki face to face. He said that Mandela has an intense hatred of

white people, which he can only mask for approximately fifteen minutes or

so. He said that after half an hour of talks, Mandela’s words are dripping with

sheer poison and they have to take a tea break so that Mandela can calm

down. Across the world, people remark at how forgiving Nelson Mandela is

towards white people, but they do not know what goes on behind closed

doors. Similarly, I was told that Mbeki doesn’t hate whites as much as we

believe. I was told that the man who really has it in for us is Cyril

Ramaphosa. Not only does he dislike whites, but he is also a firm communist.

I was told that if Ramaphosa should ever rule this country then the whites

would be in serious trouble. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of my source’s

remarks, but it was told to me in complete confidence.

Pg 250

Many people, even in South Africa, did not believe me when I mentioned

what the gardener had told my mother. Several months later, in August 2001,

I stumbled on an interesting news report. Cyril Ramaphosa, who I have been

told is a hard-core communist, gave an interview to the BBC. Ramaphosa is

more popular among black people than President Mbeki. A former General

told me that the CIA is courting Ramaphosa in the mistaken belief that he is a

capitalist. They want to install him as South Africa’s next president. The

General said that if Ramaphosa gets in, then the whites in South Africa are

finished. The General may be right. Ramaphosa told the BBC that white

South African business should ‘share’ more with blacks or risk Zimbabwestyle

seizures. He was quoted as saying: “If we don’t do anything, if we

don’t move quick enough, yes [Zimbabwe-style
attacks on white farms

and business] could happen. That is a fair warning,” Mr Ramaphosa

said. “We want the white private sector in this country to heed that

warning. Let us all beware of the possibility and share. Share what we

have” (Author’s emphasis). (2) This “warning” is of course nothing more

than a veiled threat.

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