Attention: White South Africans: Jews are hitting whites HARD on Youtube – 100,000 videos down

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Just a note to white South Africans who aren’t familiar with the Jewish scum and how they work.

For those of you who think Jews are cute and lovable, etc – I urge you to go to my other website

On there I posted a very important story about the Jews hitting Youtube and taking down 100,000 videos, and shutting down 17,000 channels and removing 500 million youtube comments in just 3 months.

Please begin to familiarise yourself with the Jewish scum. We are surrounded by the Jews here in South Africa. Jews right under your nose, and you don’t even recognise them. Like me in my dumb days, you will think that Jews are just another form of white person.

Begin to awaken to the Jewish issue … and you’ll find that the Jews have been throwing their money behind the ANC and even the EFF.

The most Jewish political party in South Africa is the DA. 100% Jewish from top to bottom … run and controlled by Jews since its inception and now sporting a black face the Jews like. STOP VOTING FOR ANTI-WHITE, WHITE-HATING, BACK-STABBING JEWS!!!

The money that is flowing to the black communist scum like a RIVER IN FLOOD IS COMING FROM THE “WHITE” JEWS…

Start taking note!

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