Humor: If Putin invaded South Africa …

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[This funny story is doing the rounds among Whites here in South Africa. This would be the problems the Russians would face due to Black rule! Wait until the Russians meet with the South African criminals! Jan]

Russian invasion of South Africa grinds to a halt!

After 3 days of chaos in the Port Elizabeth Harbour, where a crane collapsed onto the main Russian navy cargo ship, owing to rust and a "surprising" lack of maintenance resulting in the inability to offload tonnes of ammunition and other equipment.

The Russians finally assembled a convoy of 480 vehicles to push inland towards Gauteng (Johannesburg/Pretoria). The convoy proceeded as far as Zwide on the Uitenhage road where they decided to camp for the night after three quarters of the personnel were struck down with acute dysentery-like symptoms attributed to the local drinking water.

Despite a double perimeter and roving patrols the Russians woke to find 64 main battle tanks, on bricks, missing their tracks. Similarly 123 APC’s and trucks, also on bricks, missing their wheels. To add insult most of their fuel and rations were missing.

Reports of similar incidents are emanating from other regions.

A Russian spokesperson, speaking on condition of anonymity, said they grossly underestimated the ability of the local special forces!

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