South Africa: Vote for White Self Rule – New Website – VOLKSTAAT – ETHNOSTATE

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Video: 1970: Angola: Incredible Portuguese mother beats Black terrorists in a gunfight
In this video I discuss two feats of courage by white civilians during war in southern Africa. The one is a feat by a 16 year old white boy, and the other, much more incredible story is what a 28 year old Portuguese mother did in Angola.

[This website has been set up for whites.

Let me translate some of the Afrikaans below: Above the photo it says: “When Law & Order mattered”

Below it says: “Register your mandate for peace of mind”.

Basically whites are talking about getting an ethnostate.  I like this kind of thinking.  Jan]

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2005: S.Africa: Black Children as young as 5 have sex at school
This was a news story from the mass media about young Black children having sex at school.

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