S.Africa: Indian who kidnapped, ransomed and killed a White girl gets a parole hearing…

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[Expect more injustice for Whites. Just look at what he did to this girl. He got money from her parents as a ransom and he still just shot her in the back of the head in a field. Our people's lives are cheap… The ransom was R50,000 which in American money would not amount to much. Jan]

Here’s the original murder story of Leigh Mathews: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Leigh_Matthews

Here’s a video about the parole hearing for the Indian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHRziijkPEo

Here’s the story:
Murderer Donovan Moodley wins new parole hearing

Leigh Matthews’ family devastated to hear reports that their daughter’s killer has had his parole denial overturned in court

On Reconciliation Day, when most South Africans were enjoying the start of a long-weekend, Rob Matthews heard the man who murdered his daughter and was refused parole had managed to get the decision overturned.

According to News24 , Donovan Moodley — serving life for the kidnapping and murder of student Leigh Matthews — has been granted a new parole hearing to be scheduled before March 31.

“I am utterly devastated and am not even sure if I quite believe it,” Matthews told TimesLIVE shortly after he received the news that left the family gutted.

Moodley pleaded guilty to kidnapping Leigh from Bond University campus in Sandton on July 9 2004, a day after she turned 21. He told the court he took a R50,000 ransom payout from her father before shooting her dead in the veld in Walkerville where her body was found 12 days later.

The court sentenced Moodley to life after finding he had not been truthful as the prosecution proved he killed her somewhere else, kept her body hidden in cold storage and acted with the aid of accomplices he refused to identify.

After serving 16 years of his sentence, Moodley was granted a parole hearing on January 21 this year. It took place at the Johannesburg Medium B prison, where Rob and Sharon Matthews spent almost eight hours in the presence of their daughter’s killer during the gruelling process.

Department spokesperson Singabakho Nxumalo says Moodley completed the minimum period of his sentence in 2018 and has been eligible for parole since …

They submitted a 131-page report to the board and argued Moodley’s release was not in the interests of society, he was a danger to the community and his freedom would cause them deeper suffering.

At the end of the hearing the parole board decided Moodley should not be allowed to go free and the case was referred to justice & correctional services minister Ronald Lamola for confirmation.

But now it has emerged that the Gauteng High Court on Thursday set aside the parole board decision and instructed the board to hold a new hearing for Moodley before the end of March.

News24 also reported that Moodley filed a complaint against the board and its handling of proceedings. He accused it of failing to fairly and objectively consider his eligibility for parole.

It is possible there was material before the parole board that might have justified its recommendation, but without an adequate minute of the hearing that conclusion cannot be drawn

Judge Stuart Wilson

The court said it was impossible to establish the veracity of Moodley’s claims because the minutes of the hearing were “incoherent”.

Judge Stuart Wilson is quoted as saying: “The board’s contrary view does not appear to be based on the case management committee’s report, the material on which that report was based or any evidence discernible from the record. It is possible there was material before the parole board that might have justified its recommendation, but without an adequate minute of the hearing that conclusion cannot be drawn.”

He ordered the board to reschedule the hearing. The board was to also inform Moodley about the date and time of the proceedings two weeks in advance and allow him the opportunity to motivate why he deserved freedom.

“I am absolutely flabbergasted. Part of me wants to believe this is rubbish and posturing. Surely we should at least have been informed of this. I am disillusioned and disappointed and there is no question we will fight this with great vigour when it goes ahead,” said Matthews, commenting on Moodley’s claims he had obtained two law degrees during his incarceration, had job offers and would be a productive member of society if released.

“As far as I know, you cannot practice law in this country if you are a murderer,” Matthews said.

Justice & correctional services spokesperson Chrispin Phiri said he would look into the matter and revert with comment, which has not yet been received.

Source: https://www.timeslive.co.za/news/south-africa/2022-12-16-murderer-donovan-moodley-wins-new-parole-hearing/

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