All the Jewish and Liberal Lies about Nelson Mandela the Communist Terrorist – Aimed at making a HERO out of him

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We Whites in South Africa could never understand why our worst enemy, the disgusting Nelson Mandela was feted and loved around the world. It’s always been something that has made me want to PUKE!

In recent times I’ve had communications from various people in America asking me about this Jewish-created VIOLENT COMMUNIST TERRORIST Mandela.

One lady even sent me photos of one of these huge lying billboards in America pushing the lies about this FAKE SAINT.

It is therefore long overdue that I need to tackle this topic of Nelson Mandela.

The reason he is propelled as a God-like Saint in America especially, is the same reason why Hitler is presented as the Devil from the pits of hell. The answer is: JEWS!!!

It is Jewish rat scum who want to fool and con White Americans especially into believing that Mandela was a saint. Nelson Mandela was surrounded by Jews in his personal life. Everything about him relates to JEWS. He was even married in the house of "White Jews" here in South Africa. His first boss, Sidelsky, was a Jew. EVERYTHING around Mandela reeks of Jews.

And of course Jews were the ENEMY WITHIN who were working against the Whites, especially the Boers. They were the scum who were telling the world how EVIL White South Africans were.

And these lies have gained enormous traction, and it horrifies me to see how Americans especially have been conned by this.

Nelson Mandela is nothing at all like the Jewish propaganda that has come out of South Africa and has gone and befuddled the minds of Liberals and even Whites across the Western world.

Mandela is YET ANOTHER old Communist Terrorist just like so many others from Africa.

I need to show you some things about Nelson Mandela, and then you’ll see what he was really like. If you want to compare Mandela to anyone who is alive today, then compare him to Julius Malema the guy who sings Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer. That is much more like what Nelson Mandela was actually like.

The real untold story of Mandela is about him and the JEWS and how Mandela and Jews planned to slaughter Whites. That’s the real story.

I will be returning to Mandela in the coming months.

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