Supporter writes: Rhodesia: The Evil of Mugabe – Satan – Whites will get a 2nd shot at Africa!

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[Someone sent me this message. Jan]

He wrote:
Have just seen the new video on Rhodesia where the satanic Mugabe becomes the PM, and african dysfunction replaces european competence. Its amazing to me that the africans still are unable to accept that the whites have something about them that the blacks dont have, the evidence is overwhelming. 1st world becomes 3rd world. but whats even more amazing to me is that most whites in these modern times also cannot see what is so obvious. I suppose media brainwashing has removed commonsense, the older generations were so superior in every way.Peter Hammond in his memoirs on his times as a missionary in Zambia, recounts how Zambian officials told him that when some of the other african leaders such as Mobutu and others met Kaunda in Lusaka for talks, that satan appeared in person to them, Peter didnt believe them but the govt officials assured him that this did actually happen. This is why Mugabe terrorised the whites and ruled the blacks with a callous severity.

I replied:
I enjoyed your email and agree on most of what you say, but I’m afraid that when you head off into the world of Satan I disagree. Mugabe was an academic, a teacher actually, and he was a hard core Communist revolutionary. I urge you not to enter the world of spirits, etc. Mugabe did what he did because he understood communist revolution. He also knew who he could rely on and who would leave him alone. e.g. Britain. He even turned to Israel for help and he knew Russia and China would help him. The Whites were massively superior as people and as leaders, but we lost faith in ourselves and having the whole world including the West and even parts of Europe opposing us, broke us all down.

The good news is that race is forever, and the uselessness of the Blacks is showing up ever more clearly! Our race will get a second shot at Africa!

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