Are Liberals just stupid, or Evil? – NOTHING in Liberalism is actually TRUE – NOTHING

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Here are some thoughts from interactions with an American. Firstly, I want to say that as I ponder history, science and politics and all forms of reality, I’ve come to the conclusion that NOTHING about Liberalism is actually TRUE. There isn’t a single Liberal concept I can think of that is actually TRUE.

I was having a discussion with some Americans and a number of things came up. It started with a Liberal fool who someone copied. When everyone was sick of the Liberal, I wrote this:-

I have thought much about Liberalism, and to be frank with you, I can’t think of a single thing about Liberalism that is actually TRUE. Not one thing.

The more I research and learn in life, the more convinced I am there there isn’t one single fact in either Liberalism or the Left that is actually TRUE. Not one.

Then one of the Americans wrote this to me:
I know one thing that is true about Liberalism: They’re MORONS.

I replied as follows:-
I used to think they are morons too. And perhaps most of those who fall for it are morons. But the higher level thinking behind it is very evil actually. I used to think liberals were just dumb. But I later saw the evil of liberalism. I noted too: Liberalism ALWAYS leads to COMMUNISM. Liberalism pretends to be in "the middle" of politics, but in reality it is always against Whites and it teams up with Communism against the "Great White Evil" of nationalism or communism.
I think large numbers of well meaning people are fooled by Liberalism. But Liberalism is really dangerous, outright anti-White and Evil.

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