IMPORTANT: THE RICH ARE FLEEING SOUTH AFRICA: South Africa’s dollar millionaires hit the eject button – My Com ments

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[A dollar millionaire is someone in South Africa who is rich enough to be a millionaire in America. So this means he would be a "multi-millionaire" in local Rands. There aren't that many people here who are that wealthy. Rest assured quite a lot of these would be Jews and Whites. The Rich are running and the middle class and the poor Whites will have to stick around and face the nightmare that Liberalism brought. This is a paid article so I can only publish part of it. Jan]

Those with the means are packing for Perth — and for Portland, Portsmouth and Portugal


15 JUNE 2023 – 05:03

Suddenly, it’s all getting rather real. Reports in recent days have confirmed what many suspected: South Africa’s dicey economic prospects, intermittent blackouts and the prospect of water-shedding have combined to push people to the exit.

For starters, there’s the Africa Wealth Report, published by Henley & Partners and New World Wealth, which reveals that the number of high net worth South Africans with more than $1m in “investable wealth” had fallen by 690 in the past year to 37,800, mostly due to emigration. Over one year, that’s a fall of 1.8%, but over a decade, the number of local dollar millionaires has fallen 21%…


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