Zimbabwe: BLACKS STEAL FROM BLACKS: Black Financial Director steals US$22 million over 5 years – My Comments


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[Black leaders in Africa are living it up. They're literally rolling in the money. US$22 million is a lot of money even by American or European standards. Well, in Africa, it's an unbelievable fortune I tell you. It's incredible. Here is a guy from the railways who's been lining his pockets. But DO NOT THINK HE IS ALONE. In South Africa these black leaders are rolling in the money … more money than you can believe. This is a rare instance of a black being caught. THE REAL STORY IS PROBABLY THAT OTHERS DECIDED TO SCREW HIM OVER WHILE THEY ARE HIDING THEIR OWN CRIMES.  Jan]

Paul Nyathi

National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) acting Finance Director, Mr Mthandazo Mlotshwa has been sent on forced leave to pave way for investigations on allegations of corruption involving more than 22 million United States dollars.

Allegations being levelled against Mlotshwa include the non-delivery of 8 vehicles ordered last year from Nissan Clover Leaf Motors and procurement fraud of fuel worth millions of dollars during the past 5 years.

NRZ Public Relations Manager, Nyasha Maravanyika confirmed the development adding that the allegations stem from a 2017 forensic audit report.

“The board will meet this Friday to deliberate on the investigations so far. Unlike the previous boards, the current board is working towards flushing out corruption in the system. NRZ is acting in accordance with the government’s directive around the issues of bringing sanity at the country’s strategic transporter in order to turn it around and reposition the organisation to profitability. NRZ board has acted to ensure investigations around financial and procurement irregularities of the organisation are carried out.”

Meanwhile, the parastatal is yet to pay the sacked Engineer Lewis Mukwanda-led management an exit package.

“The board has taken the issue of exit packages to the office of the president. Their issues are being dealt with under labour laws.”

The NRZ is undergoing major restructuring aimed at reviving the once strategic rail sector in the region.

Source: https://www.zimeye.net/2020/09/17/nrz-finance-director-suspended-over-us22m-irregularities-stretching-over-5-years-uncurbed/

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