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[Here are some comments that were posted on my africancrisis.info website. This is someone who has been well aware of my writings in the past. Read what he writes and I’ll put my comments below that. Jan]

Hey Jan,

I remember reading many of your letters from years ago on Rense and other places, which opened my eyes to things I wouldn’t have likely otherwise had much interest to learn. A friend of mine I would meet later I learned fought for Rhodesia back at the time in the Selous Scouts and had told me many other eye opening stories as well, things obviously never taught in school or told in our western media and similar.

I wont propose to tell anyone so directly affected by all of this ugliness so close up what to believe or why, but I would propose there is a danger in becoming what one hates or fears. The realities of “public relations” and similar to avoid oneself being branded an extremist encourage moderation in word and speech. Whites in South Africa are suffering terribly, with some people (mostly those told “a different set of facts” in the seemingly communist dominated schools in the west) claiming they deserve it. Changing miseducated minds with emotionally conditioned beliefs is the hardest thing in the world even if you are on the right side, and it doesn’t take much to slant things even further uphill in the minds of those who don’t want it changed in the first place if they see things that trigger them in a bad way.

In the USA we have Trump, who although he has been silent so far on whats going on down there can probably attribute alot of that to bad advisors and being focused on other things. If he decided to do something it may well change things, probably nobody else in the west would ever intervene. You have allies in the West who are trying to call for PRO “immigration”, for whites, from South Africa, genuine refugees who not only need help from this genuine genocidal emergency, but as we constantly say “would likely be self supporting or hiring others within a year or two, unlike all these refugees from other places”. We have the facts and the right position on our side, when we point out they are fellow Christians, it’s further easy to work on changing minds in favor of this.

People who might be well on their way to changing their opinions, shown a single quote of “in FAVOUR of killing blacks by the million, in fact, by the TENS OF MILLIONS” have a strong tendency to return to their original beliefs. Regardless of the trauma, you risk alienating potential support with statements that far. For what it’s worth.

[Hi J,
Ten years ago I was a Conservative who was VERY WILLING to talk to White Liberals and Jews. I was CONSTANTLY speaking to them to find middle ground with them. I did this for many years. But even when I was a Conservative there were people who said I had extremist tendencies and they did not like some of the things I said back then.

I’m no longer a Conservative and threw that weak rubbish aside some years ago when I awoke to National Socialism.

You are thinking like a normal white everywhere. You are thinking like a liberal actually. You are thinking in terms of bowing down and kissing someone’s feet in order that they might do something good for you. This is a path I have walked for long. I have had thousands of hours of discussions with white Liberals and Jews, by email and face to face. I have come to realise that what we have here are ENEMIES who hide the fact that they will NEVER be on our side. NEVER! They will NEVER accommodate us and NEVER do anything for us. I have learned that their hostility is HIDDEN. But its there and its real and it will never go away.

I’ve also observed the black communists in Africa (in the past and right up to today). I have also observed the actions of Jewish communists in other countries in the past. It is a simple fact that EXTREMISM is actually the ONLY thing that works. But whites have not awoken to this. The NAZIs knew this firmly and that is why they made the progress they did.

I have COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY LOST EVERY OUNCE OF FAITH IN “The System” and I know that we are on Death Row. We whites in South Africa are on DEATH ROW and that’s been decided for us long ago. Nothing we can do can change that. Just as the Germans are on Death Row. But in fact the entire white race is on DEATH ROW – Look at the White Genocide everywhere. We will NEVER be allowed to win. The Jews will ALWAYS see to it that the blacks are helped.

You need to snap out of this business that we will be accommodated by anyone. This is not true for me, nor is it true for you. What you need to realise is that “the system” is rigged everywhere against whites. Keep voting and keep trying to see if the BIG Political parties work for you. You will see, that year after year, decade after decade NOTHING WILL HAPPEN! But MYSTERIOUSLY, our ENEMIES are always getting richer and things are better for them. I was patient most of my life.

I realised patience is for a fool. I’m still going to do videos to explain to whites, why ALL WHITES MUST BECOME EXTREMISTS. This is the ONLY way to win. Its the only path that offers any hope. All other paths are the paths of slaves and losers. You will bend your knees to the elite and the elite will maybe now and then drop a tiny crumb your way. But you will get nothing.

Whites need to realise that White Revolution is the ONLY path towards real change and real freedom.

You don’t have to believe me. But come back in 10 or 20 years time and tell me whether following that path that you believe in will work.

I assure you the blacks are violent and extremist all the time: BECAUSE THEY WERE TAUGHT IT AND IT WORKS!

The late great George Lincoln Rockwell said in the 1960s: After Black Revolution, comes White Revolution.

The day for that is coming near I tell you. Furthermore, I too had hopes for Trump. But Trump already has achieved so little. It should be clear that the entire system is rigged and there is no future for Whites anywhere.

I have studied my politics and I repeat to you: EXTREMISM IS THE ONLY REAL WAY. Everything else is just to fool us. That system, that’s in place globally is ANTI-WHITE and it will NEVER allow whites real freedom. This is the nightmare for all whites.

Sit and think about what I’ve written and observe and tell me in years to come whether you are as patient then as you are now.

Thank you for your thoughts and comments.

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