The REAL History of the Israel-South Africa relationship

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Video & Audio: How to think like a Genius Napoleons advice
Many Whites seem to be confused regarding skill and excellence. I look at some discussions Napoleon had in his final days regarding what exactly constitutes genius. We also look at a NAZI SS genius scientist, Werner Von Braun as proof of a man who achieved the impossible.

[Here is a short, but important timeline about Israel’s attitude to Apartheid South Africa. Apartheid started in 1948. So notice this timeline and when it ends. By the 1970’s and 1980’s Israel was a “friend”/”ally” of South Africa. We will return to this important timeline. There’s a story behind how Israel “became a friend” and why this was a BAD NIGHTMARE that took the Afrikaners down to their final destruction. Jan]

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Video & Audio: What Jews tell each other in Private: Jewish Racism and Jewish Supremacism
We take a look at some pieces of video footage where Jews talk and we hear exactly what they say, and how they act when they are together. Over many centuries in Europe, Whites confronted Jews many times and asked them questions about what they really believe or think or say. Jews denied certain things. But in this video we look at some actual film footage and analyse it.

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