The Jewish Rothschilds & Cecil Rhodes – Britain’s Greatest Secret – The Hidden Rothschild Power


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This is a website run by an excellent British man that I know who is a true racialist. He puts out good, solid content.

[This is from a note I wrote to Jim Rizoli who sent me an article about how the Germans are always the fall guys for Anglo-Saxon power. And he raised the issue of Cecil John Rhodes, the founder of Rhodesia. Jan]

I wrote this:

BTW Jim, Rhodes is a fascinating fellow and I only found out a year or so ago that he was a freemason. I have a rare book on South African history written by an Englishman. I’ve not read the whole thing. But I did spot that Cecil Rhodes referred to Rothschild in England as "my Master".
I am quite certain, EVEN NOW, that the Rothschilds, probably, secretly, "create super rich" people.I am guessing and theorizing that because their money is hidden away… that the only way they can function with their untold trillionsis that they must be giving it very quietly to lots and lots of front men who "then become rich" but are really tied back to them. There must be a very sophisticated mechanism, THAT IS TOTALLY SECRET, whereby the Rothschilds control much of the world’s economy. I suspect the British Government knows this secret and keeps this secret and that military and intelligence people tap into this and
even use it and PROTECT IT.

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This is the story of the whites who did not go to Europe. This is the branch of Whites who went to Persia (modern day Iran) and India. What happened to some of these whites? This is the bizarre story of how they got to South America; Easter Island and finally, New Zealand.

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