The Racial Wars of the Portuguese in Africa – TOTALLY HUSHED UP – A Portuguese man writes to me…


On my Bitchute channel, a Portuguese gentleman wrote to me. And I replied as follows:

THE PORTUGUESE IN AFRICA: I received this comment, which comes from this link, but for the heck of me, I cannot “see” this person’s comment here. I did receive it by email. So here is all of it: aryanzeitgeist made the following comment: glad youre coming up with that jan. im portuguese and in schools the liberals tell us that africans just wanted independence because white people were oppressive towards them, and in public discussion no one is EVER allowed to talk about the wars in africa, NEVER. regards Here’s my reply: Hi, It’s nice to run into someone Portuguese in the Alt Right movement. Even here in Africa, the Portuguese almost never speak about their wars. We have quite a big Portuguese community in South Africa, and like in Rhodesia, we get along fine with the Portuguese. (In Rhodesia at school, we even had some Portuguese kids in school with us). In southern Africa the whites, generally know NOTHING about the Portuguese and the Portuguese themselves never speak. I first began chatting to my barber, who is Portuguese, and he told me he was doing military service in Angola in the early 1960s. Things he told me personally, about blacks cutting open a white woman’s belly, and removing the unborn baby and cutting the baby’s head off, really shocked me. He told me that inside Portugal, such FILM FOOTAGE actually exists and his brother had access to it, and he was shown it. I am sure that in the archives of the US and in European countries, that there must be a LOT of really brutal film footage from Africa that has NEVER been shown to the public. Anyhow, about the Portuguese. My fascination with the Portuguese began slowly, when I read of the terrible things that they did in Angola. I began studying them more closely. I have concluded that Portugal would have won the war against the blacks in Africa. This is VERY CLEAR from studying their strategy. For us in Africa, Portugal was really fabulous, because Portugal was the ONLY European country still left fighting in Africa. Thus Rhodesia & South Africa worked very closely with the Portuguese. ALSO, if it was not for the Portuguese, then we in Rhodesia and South Africa would NEVER have learned certain important military lessons as we did. It is thanks to the Portuguese, especially those in Angola, that we got to LEARN A LOT. The Portuguese, especially in Angola, were the FRONT LINE of this massive race war. I’ll upload a map I’ve just put together, to show you the scale of the race war in southern Africa which we all “lost” (politically). Other than Portugal, the next nation most involved in Africa was FRANCE, and nowadays, France is still fighting in Africa, but on the side of blacks, and the blacks are losing. I therefore feel that we whites have a very real role to play in Africa, and this is why I am completely against any discussion about whites abandoning Africa at all. In fact, we should fight tooth and nail in South Africa for every inch of it. I have studied a lot about the Portuguese, and I wish I could find more. I found even books, written in Portuguese in Portugal about their wars, but since I cannot read Portuguese, I’m a bit stumped. I was investigating to see if I could find anyone whom I could speak to in English and get more info. I began that last year, but then stopped because other important things came up. However, I will tell you, Portugal was winning, ESPECIALLY IN ANGOLA. The fighting was very brutal, and the Portuguese crushed certain of the blacks and smashed them down. The real irritation in Africa was the presence of America. America just did not have the balls to support the whites. America was really weak. Britain DID fight for a while in the 1950s, but Britain chickened out, realising it was going to lose ALL OF ITS EMPIRE. Thus Britain dumped its empire in TOTAL in 1960. However, Portugal, and the whites of Africa began their fight in 1960. That’s when it hotted up. The blacks however, had been politically active with Communist and Jewish assistance and leadership from the 1950s. But it went from political war to open warfare in the 1960s. I had studied Rhodesia, South West Africa (Namibia) and South Africa’s wars a lot. But it was Portugal that was the empty space for me, until I began really digging last year. I am aware of how Portugal played its politics in Africa to try to keep blacks on their side. The fact is, that whites, from the Portuguese to the Rhodesians, to the South Africans (Apartheid), constantly had to keep the blacks happy, because we were minorities who ruled large numbers of blacks, and this was a key weakness. If we did not keep the blacks happy, then we would lose our economic power. But even so, we did very well. However, this attempt to keep the blacks happy weakened us in many ways, and of the 3 white groups (Portugal, Rhodesia and SA), I would say that keeping the blacks happy, weakened South Africa the most. They really went to extreme degrees to keep the blacks happy, to this day. Though large numbers of common whites were all for a full on race war. See the AWB and Eugene Terreblanche. The Portuguese are a topic that is too silent. I’ve drawn many conclusions from my studies, and I am especially fascinated by certain things that happened ONLY TO THE PORTUGUESE. And in this regard, the way the Portuguese fought the blacks, it also scared the blacks in certain regards. 90% of the race wars in Africa (which are incorrectly called “The Liberation Wars of Africa”), were based on black guerilla and terrorist tactics. However, on rare occasions the blacks tried to up the ante, and the place they did it the most was in Angola. That is the topic for the next military video. Here is something extremely important. So stick around. I want to do the video in the next few days. This will show yet again, how whites really fight, and in the next video we will study a particular battle, which was totally unique in southern Africa. It happened to the Portuguese, it was a nightmare, and it was, what you might call the Portuguese version of the Battle of Blood River. The blacks were so thoroughly f*cked up by the Portuguese in that battle, that the blacks NEVER AGAIN tried to fight the whites like this – nowhere. Though there was a plan to attempt this in Rhodesia with Russian backing – but Rhodesia nipped it in the bud with ease. The battle in question was actually fought by common Portuguese people – not even the army! And it was a splendid and amazing affair that Portuguese should be proud of. So watch for it. Its my never military video. All whites should see this. And it is of survival importance to whites in South Africa. In fact, I’m thinking of doing a video about another Croatian battle, which actually adds to, and reinforces the lessons of the Portuguese in this battle in Angola. What we whites need to do, and this is the purpose of all these military studies, is to get a firm grip on ourselves of what works and what does not work. The lovely thing is that these race wars in Africa which ran for decades, provide us so many, many rich lessons, of how to fight racial conflicts EVEN WHEN MASSIVELY OUTNUMBERED, that I think this can form the basis for white survival AND VICTORY, EVERYWHERE in the West. I do have an understanding why Portuguese people are prevented from openly discussing the wars in Africa. It is because in the end, the Portuguese were the most BRUTAL of the whites, and in the end, they just crushed the blacks through force. The blacks were hideous, and the Portuguese responded in kind, in a way that the Romans for example would. And that is the problem, because in “globalism” the Portuguese have to pretend to love the blacks. So it is politically incorrect to discuss what they did. The Portuguese, in my view, progressed the furthest down the path of racial conflict than any other whites, including Rhodesia and South Africa, and again, these lessons can be learned by everyone. If we all worked in this way, which basically takes us back to our European roots of just openly crushing our enemies, then we would actually win. I cannot emphasise how wealthy Africa is, especially southern Africa. Our race lost the richest territory it ever had. My own personal view is that we must get it back for the benefit of our race as a whole and for Europe to have access to certain resources directly. Europe especially, lacks raw materials, and we have unbelievable amounts in our hands. I also look on Africa as a potential area for lebensraum for European expansion. So don’t miss it. Portuguese in Angola … coming up… Very critical stuff for whites! Take care!

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