From Jan: My Internet … Plan A is fine; Dumped my Service Provider unceremoniously – Plan B

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Just some feedback. I spent more than the last 24 hours sorting out my internet after the blacks stole the cables in the neighbouring suburb and left 1,600 people (mostly whites) without landlines or ADSL internet. I always have a Plan B, because 2-3 years ago I was without Internet for almost 3 weeks & it cost me a LOT of money to function on the Internet during that time. So I formed a nice Plan B & tested it.

So when they stole the copper & I was without my landline (not that I used it much), but more importantly, no internet; My Plan B kicked in. My Plan B was running so smoothely, that I decided that I might be able to save money with it if I dump the stupid parastatal Telkom which was our service provider.

I worked through the night, testing and setting up various software, etc to see if I could function without ADSL and my router. To my delight I got all the important things running smoothely. So I decided to dump the Telkom bastards on Friday without further ado. I think I’m the only one out of 1,600 people to give them the heave-ho, and I published the message on the group for our suburb. I definitely was the only one to give Telkom the middle finger.

The majority of my neighbours are battling, and people are trying to figure out what will work. Fibre is too expensive for some people.

I phoned Telkom & told them: I want to terminate with you IMMEDIATELY. They said there would be penalties. They tried hard to talk me out of it. I pressed on ahead.

I have my own plans for dealing with them and their penalties. I made a clean break so I have ZERO dependency on them.

Even the black woman who handled my cancellation was saying that there is a massive amount of copper theft going on in South Africa. She said she thinks something is up.

I would not be surprised of black businessmen actually pay criminals to steal the copper knowing full well that fibre is the only way forward. I would not be surprised if these criminals are being PAID to come & steal. As usual there are NO ARRESTS. They are NEVER CAUGHT – EVER.

There is another company that I’ve had a guts full of, and next week I’ll be cancelling their services too.

As these companies become black, they become bloated. Costs go up; service goes down; inefficiency goes up.

You cannot trust them on anything.

But as always, I know that even my new plan, might falter at some point. So I have already spent quite a bit of time investigating a Plan B for my Plan B. Just in case.

You can never trust anything in this country.

What I do believe you will see is that SMALL WHITE BUSINESS, is going to survive, and very possibly, it will be the ONLY part of the economy that will THRIVE in the years to come DESPITE the Jews and Blacks trying to f*ck it up for the whites.

Whites are pretty hard to BREAK!!!

Whites in their natural state, WITHOUT REALISING IT, are actually pretty damned tough to break.

Here in South Africa I am sure the Jews/Black Communists, etc are astounded that Whites still have such a massive amount of economic power even now.

If only whites would get MILITANT and firmer … then you’ll see … we will be scaring THEM even if they outnumber us 11:1.



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