ATTENTION: WHITES: TERRORIST LIST: BEWARE OF: Xoom Money Transfer – part of the PayPal group of companies

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[A supporter of mine, whose a really great old guy who tries in every conceivable way … despite being 80 … he is much more dedicated at supporting white websites (not just mine), came up with the idea of trying so send a bit of money via a test, using XOOM money transfer.

Then he noticed it was “part of the Paypal group of companies”.

Thus it seems Paypal has moved in and taken over or created other nuisance bloody money transfer front ends. Xoom is the first one I’ve come across.

So the old guy went and he tried to send a bit of money.

At first he emailed me to say … YAY … its gone through.

Then somewhat later, Xoom began telling him they need to have him answer questions. So he went and answered the questions about who he was sending the money to. And, the next thing he knew, the transfer to me was immediately cancelled by Xoom!

He got back to me after speaking to Xoom, and he said to me: “You must be on some kind of terrorist list” because they asked lots of questions and seemed to know a lot about you.

This is very true. Paypal banned me several times, so they have a lot of info on me. And clearly, Paypal is now taking the lists of people banned on Paypal and sending it to other companies in their group to also ban you there, even if you’ve never used them.

A German friend of mine in another country – which I won’t tell you which one – did already warn me years ago, via his contacts with European Embassies that I am on a list as a “racist”. But in more recent times he’s told me that I’m on more lists than I would know. And I can believe that.

Returning to the old donor who tried to use Xoom …. he told me that (((Xoom))) had already taken his money even though they had cancelled the transaction to me. So I asked him to let me know how it goes and he then told me that he did manage to get the money back.

Here is how my donor described his chat to Xoom and that there seem to be Israelis involved. He told me he should have lied. The problem is we whites (all of us, everywhere) are far too honest and we don’t lie like the other buggers. But this is how he described his discussion with Xoom and he then told them to go f**k themselves:-

I got the money back. Had to go to the website and cancel the transfer.

During the “inquisition” by this female with the foreign accent ( probably Israeli
or Jew) I got mad about all the personal questions and told her to go f*ck herself,
and she got very indignant and said they don’t tolerate such language. I then told
her to shove it up her ass and hung up. You would not believe all the detailed questions
about what I wanted to do with the money, who the recipient was, what relation he was
with me, how often I intended to send recipient money, what recipient did, how much
I intended to send each month, how many times per year I intended to send money,
and many more questions. You can see why I got mad.

I am only kicking myself for not hanging up after the first question, but I was stupid
and went along with it for a while and realized it was some jew interrogation and
information gathering about you. You see, they knew exactly who you were and
they wanted to find out where you are getting funding so they can cut you off.

On thinking about it, I should have said it was a CHURCH donation to the black
liberation church where you were the pastor…. he he….

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