Stupid COVID-19 in South Africa: Everyone wearing masks – My Comments & Info

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I went out food shopping yesterday and most people, including more than 50% of the whites are wearing masks. A few are wearing gloves too.

Its totally ridiculous.

I went out with no masks and no gloves. I trust in my own body’s immune system.

It is amazing the lengths they are going to in SA in their stupid efforts to curb something that is hardly even doing anything.

The total death toll so far is 18, which is the same number of people as who are MURDERED in 10 hours in South Africa.

The country’s economy is set to take a huge hit. They’re expecting 1,600 business to go bankrupt and they’re expecting 370,000 people to lose their jobs.

This is ENORMOUS… South Africa has never taken a hit like this. HOWEVER, this is not the stupid virus doing it. It’s the stupid lockdown that is doing it.

Thus I am suspicious about the real game that is underway. A crisis is being CREATED.

A Jewish crisis I might add.

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