EXCELLENT: Strong push-back against Govt attempt to seize our guns!

The recent moves by the Government to take away our weapons which we use for self defence seems to have got a very strong, angry pushback from lots of sectors, especially by White organisations and organisations linked to Whites.

Farming organisations were extremely angry about this.

I personally suspect the Jews might be behind this weird sudden move which came out of the blue.

Our gun lobby in SA is not anywhere as strong as in the USA, but it is well funded and they do have good attorneys and money and the will to fight in court and they don’t muck around.

So to be frank with you I was not very worried by the government’s latest moves.

And they seem to have got a short, sharp rebuke from many quarters. Added to this are claims that Police have been giving or selling weapons to criminal gangs. I strongly suspect this to be totally true. Such claims have been going on for at least 20 years. I am not the only one who is convinced it is true.

So I think the Government’s moves will flop.

This is good stuff.

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