The Low, Low, LOW standards of White men and Women’s clothing …

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I was writing some comments about film footage I was watching of Whites in New York in 1911. And the issue of clothing irks me. I’m not someone who loves fashion. But I do think, it’s not too much to ask for a little bit of decency and effort.

Whites dress like crap. And the "fashion" is pure shit.

A century ago, Whites were much poorer and didn’t own as much clothing as we can own these days. But they put on proper, well fitted clothing, and they cleaned their shoes, etc. They tried to be neat and presentable. And frankly I miss it.

I was in a bank today, and I saw an older White lady, and looked at the way she dressed. The Blacks are mostly very fat and overweight. But I just looked at this White woman, and thought to myself: Couldn’t she have figured out something better to wear today? She’s not young. But she could try to at least look a bit neat. Truly, White South Africans are capitalists and they’ve totally forgotten everything except money … Meanwhile, money is DISAPPEARING and that lifestyle they had is disappearing more and more as the years go by! That dumb capitalist system we were part of which screwed us anyway… while the rich have their pockets bulging.

Returning to Whites in 1911: They didn’t wear the kind of crap that nowadays passes for "fashion" where a man’s trousers are falling off his body and it’s 3 sizes too big. That’s just a bunch of crap to bring our standards DOWN so that the Blacks don’t stand out for being the dysfunctional losers that they are. I’m so sick and disgusted by what passes for "modern fashion" these days. I can tell you, that even Whites in the bronze age, (before Rome, etc) … wore better clothing than the pure crap that passes for modern fashion. I also look at the way White women dress here in South Africa and it disgusts me. Truly, Whites have lost their standards. I don’t think it’s too much to ask to put on a pair of socks, and to pull it up properly, put on a shirt or top that actually fits you. Our ancestors from 2000+ years ago were able to make proper fitting clothes and trousers. Seriously. It’s not much to ask. The Romans and Greeks, by the way, had a dislike for trousers and it was a cultural thing. So don’t be fooled by them wearing togas. The "Barbarians" were wearing TROUSERS – proper, fitting trousers. Whites probably had proper, fitting clothing, as far back as 12,000 years ago, to keep out the cold. And it was WATERPROOF I might add. Scientists have looked into this. Anyway, I’m so disgusted by how low our fashion standards have become thanks to Jews and Blacks.

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