US Reader: Africa Wins Again; One Man, One Vote, One Time: What I F Stone the Communist said about Blacks


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From a Reader:Jan, I enjoyed your recent podcast on blacks and their problems. Also, I recently heard you and Alex on Orania. I always like your site and commentary. The one on blacks reminded me of an old South African saying when the blacks failed: ‘Africa wins again.’ Like they always said, ‘one man, one vote, one time.’ It’s always thoughtful how, whenever blacks go anywhere, they bring unemployment, crime, and rioting. You explained it very well. It real led a book I read by Shiva Naipaul, Journey to Nowhere, on Jonestown. He quoted I.F. Stone on the black dilemma: ‘The American negro was condemned to live in Egypt, but it was an Egypt that had already built its pyramids and no longer needed slaves. ‘Mechanization on the farm and automation in industry have at last set him free, but now freedom turns out to be joblessness.’ ‘A technologically sophisticated society has no use for these people. They are redundant. They are good for nothing.’ I.F. Stone, as you know, was a communist. I wish you could read this book. It’s very fascinating. I’d like to send you some things I have written, and want you to read them. I’m on VNN all the time, and in fact only live 150 miles from Alex. Really enjoy what you have to say.

I replied:
There is so much one can say about blacks, and other non-whites.

If you can ever find a free PDF of Stone’s book that could be of interest. I will also put out the word to people on my sites.

I’ll also pass your comments on to Alex.

I have never heard of Stone until you told me. Interesting.

There is so much hidden SA history. The original communist party was "white" …. definitely no blacks … so big bummer for them when in 1928 Stalin told them to work for a BLACK COMMUNIST REPUBLIC!!! hahaha. Seriously they were pissed off and some even went to Russia to try and get the decision overturned! And they failed!

Yes, that term "Africa Wins Again" is used by some whites including people in my own family. It pisses us off. We just watch in disgust.

Those quotes from Stone are brilliant and utterly true. The black man’s freedom has led to nothing. He will find himself without anything at all. He’s making his own situation totally untenable. So true.

On my old AfricanCrisis website, whites used to mock the blacks and say: The Black fight AGAINST CIVILISATION!!! So true. They’re resisting and fighting CIVILISATION… but then again CIVILISATION is the White man’s (fantastic) way to live and to progress and it works for us. Our implementation of it in Africa, even among small numbers of whites, made us grow ever stronger until we were pushed out of it. But our system WORKS! And no, we do not and should not teach blacks or give them anything.

The blacks are actually setting themselves up for their own annihilation. They’re too stupid to realize that their clock is ticking and that the white race keeps moving forward. By doing the things they’re doing they might even be signing their own death warrant as a RACE. One day, whites can simply remove them from the planet. Our race has tremendous and awesome power. For now, Jews can get blacks to be uppity … but by doing what they’re doing… whites can decide one day: Its time for you to exit earth, and our race has the power to carry out the task and nobody can stop them. These blacks, by doing the hideous things they’re doing … could get smashed so hard one day they won’t know what hit them.

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