Attention Everyone: From Jan: HUGE PROBLEMS: Emails and Mailing List – Monthy Report


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This is a note to people who are on my mailing list and to people who have sent me emails or to people who have received emails from me.

This month I had a disaster. An important PC of mine broke here at home. Due to lack of money I did not fix the PC. So I went and I moved the backups to 2 other slower machines to reconstruct what had been on the faster (now broken) machine.

In the process of doing this, which lost me a lot of time (several days), I also ended up with an error that I did not realise until last night.

There was a nasty error which I was unaware of and I’ve only finally debugged it and found it now.

It affects *ALL* emails that I sent to people, especially replies I sent out to people as well as certain special info I sent to selected groups of people.

What happened was that the email Subject you received was CORRECT, but the actual message inside the body was rubbish which did not relate to you. One of the most common errors was that you would have received a link to the book: Battle for Rhodesia when in fact, you never even asked for that book or subscribed to that list.

What I’m not fully certain of, is for how long this has been going on exactly. It could be a week or two. It relates to software changes and fixes I made when I was restoring the software onto the 2 slower PCs.

I might even have to go through my emails over the next day, and resend ALL replies to people for the last 2 weeks – because I might have sent out important stuff and you did not get it.

So bear with me, I’m fixing and testing and will see if I can get all the chaos sorted out within 24 hours.

What a mess it’s been. I apologise for the trouble and inconvenience.


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