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[Here are some comments from two readers of mine on History Reviewed. I have watched traitors and weak, pathetic, spineless suckups who are working with our enemies. My own view is that this type of behaviour should be strictly frowned upon, and if, over time, one sees that someone is a very determined traitor who ignores the harm to us at all costs and continues onwards supporting the enemy, and won't change his behaviour, than at a point that person needs to have a bullet through their head. Endless amounts of arrant TREASON should not be tolerated. This is NOT the way we behave. And we've ALWAYS punished traitors with DEATH! Jan]

Below are comments from 2 of my readers on this topic:

I feel the same. White traitors are our worst enemy. I don’t think what we are witnessing and being subjected to today would have been possible without them. They are too stupid to realize no matter amount of disgusting groveling will change the fact they are white, and white gentiles, and they won’t be worth anything beyond their usefulness. I’m sure plenty have learned this too late. They are expendable. I bet most negroes have more respect for whites who know what they’re about and don’t pretend otherwise.
Who likes an ass-kissing suck up?


12:25 p.m., Friday June 12


You have exactly the same take on it as I do. If our race can throw away the lives of our best specimens in Jew wars, then it shouldn’t cry over purging itself of low class DNA.
Some times my feelings are echoed by non Whites which can cloud my opinion for a minute or two.

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