South Africa: Old White lady: I’m a state pensioner … My Son and I don’t know what lies ahead…

An old South African lady wrote this to me when I put out a donation request. This is what she wrote:

Hi Jan, I am most awfully sorry that I am not in a position to donate anything to anyone. As a state pensioner it is getting more difficult to manage and although I do live with my son, he too is battling and as you know there just isn’t much in the way of new business. He is fortunate in that he had a job that wasn’t finished by the time the lockdown began but should be completed by month end then we hope and pray. The one good thing is he only has 3 dogs and 2 cats but thankfully no children to worry about. If worse comes to worse our pets will be put to sleep. they don’t deserve to suffer Do hope others are in a better position to help you. I do enjoy listening to your messages. God bless Janeen

I replied:
Thank you very much for writing to me.

I’m really sorry to hear from you Janeen, about how its going. I know what hell it is like as a state pensioner. You get almost nothing. I looked after my mother for 24 years until she died and her only income was her tiny state pension. Its terrible.

I’m going to post your note on my sites so people can see how tough some have. I stopped having pets a long time ago. It is good that you are thinking of putting them to sleep if need be. We are moving into a new level of madness, but I have said for a long time that we must embrace the chaos, as unpleasant as it is, because it is only out of this chaos that finally, MANY whites will be FORCED AGAINST THEIR WILL TO WAKE UP! I watch my neighbours who live with their heads in the sand. And now with this stupid COVID and stupid lockdown now people are getting big frights.

It is necessary that the SA economy must spiral inwards, because it is the only thing that will force whites to do things for the sake of survival.

I’m glad you enjoy my videos. Don’t miss the HUGE ANGOLA one that I’m finishing off. In there you’ll see more clearly how the blacks tried to wipe out the whites, and you’ll be shocked and astounded and you simply will not believe how the Portuguese responded!

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