Wisconsin Christmas Parade Massacre: Blacks have been using vehicles as weapons in Africa

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[This is just a special point I want to make people aware of from my reply to the Americans who sent me this info. Jan]

I wrote:-
Here in South Africa there was an incident in 2017 at an event Whites did, called "Black Monday". A similar thing happened. But most were able to dodge the vehicle.
Blacks using vehicles as weapons is interesting. In communist Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, vehicles and driving were used as an assassination method for years. Things were "accidents" which weren’t really accidents and the evidence was clear.

From your film footage in the USA, it is clear that no driver can BY ACCIDENT drive like that through all those people. It has to be totally deliberate. I seem to recall I’ve heard of this tactic being used in the USA before. I’m sure I’ve seen at least one other instance of this. But this was very nasty, and the fact that it was done from behind is definitely a tactic – so that people don’t see him coming otherwise they’d have run out of the way.

Here is an old story from 2017. This will give you a little bit of an insight into what Black Monday was. It was a nationwide protest by Whites against Farm Murders:-


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