S.Africa: Rich White Farmer’s 5 page letter to President Ramaphosa about seizing farmland without compensation

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Afrikaanse Boeke op AfricanCrisis
Hier is ‘n paar boeke wat jy nie in gewone liberale winkels sal kry nie!

[Here is a 5 page letter from a particularly wealthy white farmer to the President of South Africa. Note: Most farmers are not this wealthy. There are many who struggle and have even lost their farms. This is a particularly prominent man.

I am not going to analyse everything in fine detail. But if you understand the terminology carefully, then you’ll see mention of many strange things which whites outside South Africa might not be aware of.

For example the farmer talks about assisting black farmers and helping them to learn to farm. When he speaks about “emerging farmers” he is actually talking about BLACKS. You may find this hard to believe, but whites, right now, even white farmers are constantly trying to “empower” and “uplift” the blacks! I’m not kidding you. Whites are going out of their way to “help” blacks. They set up programs and fund them with their own money. As you will read in the letter to the President, the white farmer used his own money to help the blacks because the BLACK GOVERNMENT WAS NOT GIVING MONEY TO THE BLACKS – much of which comes from white tax payers and businesses by the way!

So just read the terminology very carefully and in this PC nonsense talk, you’ll find real eye-openers that should hit you in the face!

Other terms to be aware of: “Commercial farmers” normally or mostly means “white farmers”. It is whites who comprise most of the commercial farmers of the country. This is EXACTLY THE SAME AS IT WAS IN RHODESIA/ZIMBABWE! SAME THING!

NB: To turn the Rand money values into US Dollars, given the time the letter was written, divide by 10 or more accurately divide by about 13. Then you’ll have the US Dollar equivalent.

The term “ha” is hectares. That’s much bigger than an acre.

The term SONA means “State of the Nation address”. That’s when the President tells everyone how great the nation is doing each year. Its mostly a load of self-serving rubbish which has little bearing on the actual reality of the country.

NB: Note that the white farmers WANT TO ASSIST THE GOVERNMENT IN ITS SUPPOSED DESIRE TO USE LAND EFFICIENTLY. I have been saying for a long time that this itself is bogus. Neither the Govt, nor the President himself actually wants to use the land more efficiently. This is exactly as I described in my book “Government by Deception”, that these black commies are pretending they are “trying to solve a problem”. The reality is that their real goal is to DESTROY THE WHITES …. in this case the white commercial farmers. THIS HAS GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH IMPROVING THE USE OF LAND, etc. These are all bogus ideas. The real goal is to seize the farms from the VERY SUCCESSFUL white farmers and to DESTROY THEM. The key issue is not to help anyone but to DESTROY the successful whites. These blacks see the successful whites AS A BIG THREAT. They thus need a bogus reason to DESTROY THEM. Ergo, seizing land without compensation. Why don’t they want to pay them money? Because the goal is to DESTROY THEM! But they use all sorts of bogus reasons and pretenses as to why they don’t want to pay. This is a rerun of Zimbabwe.

The President and Govt have said they will NOT ALLOW “Land Grabs”. That is another big lie. This is based on the BIG LIE in Zimbabwe that blacks just ran off and seized land from whites. That is nonsense. The Govt ORCHESTRATED the “Land Grabs” and used propaganda to pretend the blacks were doing it themselves. In reality the Army and the Intelligence (CIO) were actually controlling the entire process and were carrying out the orders of the Govt! But they successfully sold the lie to the WORLD that these were just blacks running amok. Thus in South Africa they now pretend that they will not let “the blacks run amok like they did in Zimbabwe” – which as I’ve said is itself a LIE!

So the entire “discussion” is filled with lies and nonsense.

FINALLY, the farmer who wrote this letter keeps on talking about helping the “new farmers” i.e the blacks “to succeed”. He is ASSUMING that Ramaphosa intends giving the land to black farmers and he’s assuming the entire discussion is about the “need” to use land more productively, etc, etc. This is all nonsense.

From what I’ve been able to assess, it seems as if Ramaphosa’s real goal is to give the land to BUSINESSES, perhaps international businesses, and also businesses that have big black shares in them. These farms might actually be taken over by all kinds of big capital businesses, rather than handing them over to “poor blacks keen to get into farming”.

I must add that in Africa blacks have VERY LITTLE INTEREST IN FARMING. THEY DO NOT LIKE TO FARM. In fact, read the news article which I posted about 3,000 schools that are closing. Here’s the article: South Africa: Over 3,000 schools are due to close – My Analysis This is because the blacks are moving to the cities. The blacks do not want to farm! Very few are even interested in the idea. However, politically, the Govt, President, etc make the bogus case that in fact blacks want/need to farm. Its all rubbish.

It is also rubbish to assert that somehow South Africa’s growth is tied to the “need to solve the land problem”. That’s pure garbage. The white commercial farmers (like in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe) are making enormous amounts of money and growing vast amounts of food. They’re actually doing great, except when blacks come to attack and murder them. All of the “economic reasons” given for seizing the land are pure lies and nothing more. This is a political agenda to attack and DESTROY a group of whites who are doing extremely well. These blacks FEAR THE POWER OF THESE WHITE FARMERS. THAT IS THE REAL REASON FOR SETTING OUT TO DESTROY THEM! THAT’S THE REAL GAME THAT NOBODY TALKS ABOUT. Jan]

Here is the 5 page letter the farmer wrote to the President in 2018:

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