Whites are EVERYTHING: Focus on Politics & Guns: How White South Africans including my rich family members LOST EVERYTHING


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Ive looked at lots of literature over the years where the Jews claim Whites are slaughtering them. They cite pogroms as a nasty feature of their past. And then some pogroms are then called holocausts. But what exactly really happens? Is there any evidence of what exactly transpires between Whites and Jews?

[This is from an interaction between some Americans. I will publish their comments and then my response. Just family background: My Mother especially, came from a big family. Half that family moved to Rhodesia and half remained in South Africa. Everyone did well initially in both countries. But when things went wrong for Rhodesia, the family in South Africa was just getting richer and richer and richer. All my family in South Africa thought about was MONEY, BUSINESS, DEALS and PROFITS. Money, money, money… was ALL they thought about and knew. The lived for BUSINESS and wheeling and dealing. However, they all ended up as paupers – except maybe for one cousin of mine (I've lost touch with him so I'm not sure of his current position). When I came to SA, I came with 2 suitcases and R200. I had family members who were stinking rich. My one uncle bought a house for his daughter next to the university for when she went to university. Every year, he bought a new car for him and a new car for his wife – EVERY YEAR. He had multiple homes. Their children died as paupers. They had lived and been born with a silver spoon in their mouths. They ended up as nothing, poorer than those of us who walked in here with nothing, after coming from Rhodesia. Jan]

Here’s how the discussion started and progressed:

Subject: Fwd: Only white people are racist according to this ‘idiot’ book !!!

Only white people are racist according to this ‘idiot’ book !!!
“Of course not everyone likes her message,” he said. “Telling people they’re racists is fine, if they actually are racists. But what if they’re not racists? And most people in this country are not. Well let’s see: How would you like it if someone called you a child molester, or a wife-beater? You probably wouldn’t like it very much. In fact, you could lose your job for that. You could lose your friends. You could even lose your family. You might feel pretty threatened by the accusation.”

(BTW this is one of the psychotic idiots thats teaching your kid if your stupid enough to put them in an indoctrination center [college] of today) !!


The Robert wrote:

PLEASE somebody, define what is meant when the term "RACIST" is used ;
or if someone is labeled a "RACIST", for I am a "RACIST" according to MY definition.

I am well aware by what is intended by our rulers when they use the term "RACIST"

I hold no personal animosity to ANY of the other races,

I just PREFER my own race.

Because, to ME the term "RACIST" simply means that I prefer MY race

over ALL the other races on Planet Earth.

I believe it true that to be that all races have a preference for their own race.

I have married within my race, ("kind after kind", and "be ye separate").
All My children that I have or will ever have will be of my race.

However, I have had and do have cordial, peaceful and friendly
relationships with people and associates of several races.

However, over many years now, there is a GREAT and organized
effort by some of our rulers (both overt and covert), to drive a wedge
between all races with the now obvious intent to create animosity
and hatred between the races, (divide and conquer).

THEIR now obvious goal is control, power, rule and wealth.

However, these de-facto rulers have now convinced
and trained many "useful idiots" as foot soldiers we see
daily on the flat screen as they burn, loot and create mayhem.

These "useful idiots" are largely the product of government
education, which includes all T.V. and big print media and
social media.

Therefore, Please, whenever you use the term "RACIST"
that you provide your definition, because, we often adopt
the language and terminology of the adversary without
much thought e.g., "pregnancy termination" = baby murder.

Then Sarah wrote:

Growing up we [Americans] were taught: "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me"

A shorthand way of referring to the phrase "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me," a childish rebuttal to teasing or other harsh speech.

A stiff upper lip and all that British stuff. Stand strong. Calling white people "racist" is to guilt-trip whites into taking blame for black slavery.

Then I replied to Robert:

Who wrote this little booklet? I like it. Firstly, RACIST, always actually only applies to whites. There are even instances where it has been said that ONLY WHITES can be racist and recently Jews in NY said that ONLY whites can be anti-semitic. This is just the cunning Jew plying his back-stabbing trade with whites.

I agree with Sarah’s comments.

However, I have lots of differences with Robert’s interpretation. Robert seems to believe that what we need are all these non-white associates and that racism is when relations between us are being broken down, and in his case, I think he very wrongly, attributes this to the leadership. If Robert would open his eyes he would see that for DECADES the leadership have turned and abused the structures to actually create a FAKE "happiness" between the races whereby the white man and woman always has to grovel, pander and RETREAT before the (permanently) unhappy blacks. The blacks are always unhappy because they’re born losers and can’t understand why they don’t win. The system must be modified artificially in order for them to win and whites must give them endless free handouts, etc, etc. Jews are permanently unhappy because they’re a race of spoilt brats and nothing is ever good enough for them and the entire universe revolves around the worthless souls of the race of rats who are in permanent and DIRECT COMMUNICATION WITH GOD HIMSELF. Everything is always about Jews and everyone must always adopt Jewish values and the slightest bit of change to this causes enormous drama, screams of racism, holocaust, gas chambers and NAZIS.

Robert is still stuck inside the FAKE WEALTH, FAKE SUCCESS which is part of the current system. The current system, as run by the elite, and we will return to Professor Quigley on this topic is this: It has to do with the importance of the "Aristocracy". Each civilisation needs an aristocracy, and Quigley wrote about, according to him, the EXTREME BENEFITS that accrue to the entire civilisation by allowing this "aristocracy/upper class" to have FINANCIAL POWER. All of America’s moves, from before WW2 to now, are ALL centred on creating the rich and ensuring the rich become ever richer. This is not an ACCIDENT, this is the PURPOSE. The existence of the massive US Military is there, like the Royal Navy was, in order to kill anyone who gets in the way of the Financial Colonisation of parts of the world that the American "aristocracy" need.

All the talk of races getting along is a load of mumbo jumbo so that the other races do not physically fight and resist American/Jewish financial colonisation. It is along the lines of: We are coming to kill you because we love you, and by the way, in our love for you we need your oil, minerals, etc. We will install a puppet regime that licks our boots so that we can continue peacefully with the colonisation of you. The USA in 2020 is the new British Empire and it functions like that. This Empire has MANY WEAKNESSES. It is NOT as strong, for example, as the Roman Empire or Hitler’s German Empire. We will discuss PHYSICAL COLONISATION later. The Boers are an example of Physical Colonisation, the USA, Canada, Australia, etc are examples of successful physical colonisation. But Financial Colonisation has big weaknesses as can be seen from how quickly and completely the British Empire collapsed. Its collapse was total. Its empire was different to the Portuguese Empire, which though smaller, was STRONGER.

Robert believes that life is about business, finance and that every man’s $ is the same as every other man’s $. This is very much what Jews would want you to believe but it is not true. The black man’s $ depreciates with time until it is totally worthless. Despite the weaknesses of the white man’s $, it’s value lasts and is still many times stronger than the black man’s $.

Robert will discover that money and business is very fragile and all this wealth will one day come to an end and that in the end, one will have lost the most important things, namely: Your nation, your military defense forces, etc. You’ll lose EVERYTHING while you are focusing on the importance of your BANK ACCOUNT. Eventually, all you will have is your bank a/c and your business which has dried up, while in the meantime you lost things of infinitely more value. This is the true story of South Africa. My own family in SA lived ONLY for MONEY and BUSINESS. They bought new cars EACH YEAR, they had many homes. The focused on BUSINESS and NOT Politics. They focused on Business and ignored the Army. They focused on Jewish money and ended up like paupers. I experienced this in my own family. I had family, who always lived in SA while we were in Rhodesia, and the family in SA later lost EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. People who ONLY thought about MONEY and BUSINESS and DEALS and PROFITS … LOST EVERYTHING. Eventually none of that existed and they died as PAUPERS! No kidding.

Forget about your non-white associates. They are meaningless. When the trouble comes you’ll see how fickle, weak, spineless, pathetic they really are. Weak, useless pathetic people.

FOCUS ON WHITES! WHITES ARE EVERYTHING. The others mean nothing. Business is not important: Politics and military forces are all that matters. The Romans functioned like that and it worked.

Forget your worthless non-white friends, buddies, business partners. They won’t amount to even a hill of beans. They’re useless, weak, pathetic scum who should not even be citizens and when the trouble comes you’ll see them jumping on planes and ships and heading out to other parts of the world, just like the Jews.

WHITES ARE EVERYTHING. ONLY WHITES SHOULD BE CITIZENS. Everything else is just a Jewish magic act and it has no meaning and it will fade away like the mist in the morning.

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