Professor Quigley & Science: Humans as SPECIES rather than RACES – Also: Non-White Abilities

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[This is a note I wrote to someone about race. Jan]

Alex Linder has noted on many occasions that there are less differences between animals that are regarded as DIFFERENT SPECIES than we have between the "races" whom the Jews say are non-existent.

In Professor Quigley’s writings on civilisation, I discovered that he actually explained it. He stated openly that scientists have DELIBERATELY, NOT applied the same rules of science to humans. I would need to find the exact quote, but he did address it AND HE ADMITTED IT. I suspect that SCIENCE has been PERVERTED because if applied PROPERLY, we would find ourselves with several modern HUMAN SPECIES rather than races! But he admitted, since he knows science, that with humans they "broke the rules" on species!

Furthermore, Quigley himself goes on to make some errors with regard to race and ability. He actually states that "scientifically" you cannot state that people have different capabilities unless they have all had a chance to live under exactly the same conditions!!! This is flawed in my view since many, many experiments prove what we know about IQ and ability to be true AND we have done actual EXPERIMENTS (e.g. like in SA we made homelands and put blacks in as Presidents, leaders, etc), and if the blacks had any ability, then they had many opportunities to show it. But they did NOT!

However, Quigley is fascinating. He is a CHRISTIAN actually, but all his writings were ACADEMIC and SCIENTIFIC. So he stuck to proper science when writing and still he came out with the Liberal result. But he’s extremely fascinating and I will return to him. To me, Quigley describes EXACTLY how the modern US Elite THINK. And in there, I have several serious questions.

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