Hitler, Spengler, Dr Goebbels and Dr Verwoerd of Apartheid South Africa – The Future


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[This is from a discussion with an American who found a nice article from another White Right website where they discuss the stresses between Hitler, Spengler and others. So this is what I wrote to the American who found the nice article that I want to post. Jan]

Hi xxxxThat was an excellent find indeed. I loved that article. I have a lot of respect for that website. I don’t know who runs it but it’s a damned good website.

I loved that article. Nice and balanced.

What I would love to know is what exactly Spengler’s criticisms of Hitler’s NS are, and what Hitler’s thoughts of Spengler are.

Hitler from my studies is DEFINITELY a Scientist AND a Historian, whereas Spengler seems to be only a Historian, and that may be where the rub is. He was a teacher, and he may just have been touchy.

I’m touchy. But my "Boer NAZI Pal", a university lecturer was himself very touchy, and he would argue over the smallest things. Maybe they did have value and I could not see it?

I would not take the infighting too seriously. But it would be interesting to know the finer points. So I’m always keen for more on that if you or anyone else finds more.

I will try to get the "heart" of Spengler’s summary of his original work decline of the West, in a form that others can see. In there, he speaks quite clearly about the future of the Whites race AND he saw a need to fight.

I think Hitler was just better than him on the point of science/biology, and Hitler knew the answer firmer. Hitler viewed humans as a "biological entity". Not a bunch of INDIVIDUALS but a GROUP. In this Hitler is dead on the money.
Any other definition is pure claptrap. Just junk.

We ARE a physical entity, with similarities even if we imagine we have differences. It is only the Jew that tries to have us pretend we are not a group. Even Blacks and Asians can see us for what we are. We have a "group personality".

Clearly the NAZIs liked Spengler. For Hitler and even Goebbels to want to speak to him is a huge privilege. I would love to know why Spengler was so negative about Hitler.

Hitler had his own problems. Hitler was a man surrounded by all kinds of spies and enemies, and as a man of power he had to keep his deepest thoughts to himself. So even if Hitler had much more to say, chances are, he could not speak to Spengler and just pour out all of his soul to him. There are descriptions by people who knew Hitler WELL who stated clearly that Hitler was very much a CLOSED BOOK. He had to be. Especially as a man with POWER, he can’t run around blurting out his thoughts. And Spengler just saw him once.

The whole business of being 1/8th Jewish – would not have qualified him as a Jew. The NAZIS worked on 50% or more for you to be a Jew. So that’s minor. How many people in the Western world aren’t perhaps 1/8th Jew? Just look at how Trump and Biden’s children are marrying Jews left, right and centre.

What amazes me about Spengler, is how, using nothing but his history, and various trends in history that you would never notice normally, how he got to his assessment of us. It is truly good. I have long been obsessed with predictions – originally from "know all" "Men of God" … all of which were TOTALLY WRONG. But now and then on very rare occasions I see a "prediction" that has substance. In recent weeks I spotted what is the only PREDICTION I’ve ever seen of 911. I’ll do a short video about it. To me it’s impressive. But I still think Spengler truly deserves a place.

One must not knock Spengler too much, because take Nietzsche, whom I have tremendous awe for. He PRAISED JEWS. And he even thought LOWLY of GERMANS!!! In that sense Spengler was more loyal to his people. But Hitler was deeply impressed by Nietzsche, as am I. Truly, I think Nietzsche deserves a status as a demi-God, or even a "God". Truly he earned it. Spengler also deserves a place.

I think Spengler just lacked the scientific/biological knowledge of IQ, etc, etc that Hitler grasped clearly.

Spengler did realise that you must not be a pacifist. He saw the saviours as being Prussians – and Prussians were the most MILITARIZED Germans. The core of what became Germany.

I do like his article about peace. The notion of peace forever, etc is just a bunch of Jewish crap. Spengler is dead right. You CANNOT have eternal peace. Even Dr Pierce said that eternal peace would result in us becoming degenerate.
I can actually prove this from a fascinating military chart.

Truly, we need to throw our PC’s aside, grab our weapons and get out there and go and crush our enemies.

I will tell you, that the Blacks are themselves quite tired of violence. They’re not as keen as they once were.

Our real problem is that we’ve been "captured" by a TREASONOUS ELITE that is under Jewish control/influence. Traitors are at the top. That’s our real problem.

Everything that is keeping our natural survival instincts down is coming from THE TOP. If we break free, which I am sure we can do, we can get on with survival. There is nothing wrong with us.

Dr Verwoerd of South Africa most definitely had to have read Spengler and taken him seriously, and he was himself a Professor. He was highly educated. And he spent a lot of time studying in Germany before WW2.

It is Jews and their allied scum who are keeping us down. That’s all. The Blacks and Coloured races are nothing. We would clean their clocks quickly if we could BE OURSELVES.

We need to dump this garbage morality where we need to love everyone. We must love our own kind, be the animals that we are, and we’ll be very happy.

Our ancestors lived for tens of thousands of years facing dangers, and wars. Why do we need peace? They never had peace. This is just Jewish crap.

Return to the real world and we’ll be fine.

Thanks again.


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