White Americans and White South Africans suffer from the SAME PROBLEM: Not Willing to Fight Blacks!

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Zimbabwe: 10,000 Blacks starved to death after White Farmers were chased out
2004: The Black Government denied that Blacks were starving to death. Here a Black Bishop gave some statistics. In here you‘ll read about nasty events that were hidden from the world.

[A White American wrote to me saying that if Blacks and Whites got into a race war in SA that he thinks the Boers stand a 50/50 chance. Jan]

This was my reply:
Believe it or not, but the Jews and Blacks wanted to just swamp the Whites decades ago already. Just run amuck and kill everyone. (See Nelson Mandela’s Rivonia trial). But they failed then. Since then the Blacks have tried on SEVERAL OCCASIONS to start RACIAL CONFLICT. Perhaps what I need to do later this year, is to do a video about the SEVERAL TIMES Blacks in SA tried to start ALL OUT RACIAL CONFLICT. The only one that turned into a fight was in the 1990s at the end of White rule and even then the Whites defeated them. Yes, you heard me right. IT IS WHITE SOUTH AFRICANS WHO CALM THE BLACKS DOWN INSTEAD OF JUST LETTING THIS THING ROLL. I think this thing should be left to get out of hand.

Your notion of the Boers standing a 50/50 chance in a race war – is too negative I’m afraid. If Blacks really tried to kill us, and if we lost our shit and really just got stuck into them – you’ll see more Blacks dead than you can believe. South African Whites have been pulling their punches for DECADES. These Blacks think that can take us on – but in reality they don’t stand a chance.

What irks me, is that we never stand up for ourselves and just take them on. The topic is complex and I think *MONEY* and *ECONOMY* is the main reason this thing is always killed. But hopefully Blacks will get more and more out of control.

South Africa is like America. The Whites DO NOT WANT AN OUTRIGHT FIGHT WITH BLACKS. And it’s stupid and ridiculous. If the Blacks want to fight they should be left to do what they want to do. They’ll come off seriously second best. IT IS BAD FOR OUR RACE AS A WHOLE THAT WE KEEP STEPPING BACK. It makes the Blacks think that they can win. NOWHERE ON EARTH ARE WHITES ABLE TO STAND UP FOR THEMSELVES. NOWHERE. It is VERY BAD. But it relates to economics and diplomacy. And Whites come out looking weak and pathetic AND BLACKS GET BOLDER.

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Afrikaanse Boeke op AfricanCrisis
Hier is ‘n paar boeke wat jy nie in gewone liberale winkels sal kry nie!

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