Bad Malware infection & Weird Server activity…

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Just a note, I’ve been spending a couple of hours working on a bad malware infection that has hit AfricanCrisis. However, I will later check to see if it has affected other sites.

At least this time, I’m not caught totally off guard like last time. Also, it seems my security measures had at least saved my sites for several weeks. But this time I have to do a "deeper dive". I have wondered if there was a "back door" that was opened on my server that they’re exploiting.

Also, I noticed to my amazement that my main server where my sites run, was doing 100% CPU activity non-stop for 2 days. I ended up rebooting it. That is very bizarre, and I hope that is not another sign of some naughty stuff on the go.

I’m going to spend the rest of today digging into the malware problem which hit AfricanCrisis.

Its a robot that appears and fills the screen and asks you to click to prove you’re human. It fills the entire screen and its a purple robot. Don’t click on it.

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