Russia: Putin’s Oligarchs are backing South Africa’s FAILING Black ANC Ruling Party…


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2009: German Magazine Spiegel says: South Africa Has Become a De Facto One-Party State
This is the only time that a major Western publication ever stated the obvious truth: That South Africa is a one party state. The best we can hope for is that the Blacks will fight it out among themselves eventually.

I heard a very interesting thing from one of the White Liberal women politicians in the DA, which is South Africa’s JEW-OWNED and JEW-CONTROLLED Liberal Globo/Homo political parties. These are the only Whites with any kind of money.

She said that one of Putin’s Oligarchs (read: JEW) is actually funding this failing ANC.

The Liberals, and many Whites with soft heads, are expecting the ANC to lose at the elections in 2024. But I very much doubt that. The ANC is here to stay. This is a one party state.

But it is very interesting that an Oligarch, linked to Putin is the main one propping up the failing ANC.

The ANC is really going to be the enemy of the Whites. This was our prime enemy. This is the same organisation that the Whites fought against. JEWS played a critical role in creating it’s "Armed Wing" – read: MILITARY TERRORIST SIDE, which they then linked up with the Russians.

This all took place in the 1960s.

But the ANC is the real danger here in SA.

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Video: God said: Exterminate the Blacks: The Harry Knoesen Story S.Africa
Lots of Whites say that Christians will never fight. Here is a story unlike any other. This is the strange story of the CRUSADERS, the (NCRM) National Christian Resistance Movement of South Africa. This was a Christian Racialist who had former SADF special forces, Recces with him. They wanted to seize back South Africa for WHITES! This took place in 2018 and 2019. We study what Harry did and the many strange twists and turns in this strange story.

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