A Prominent Zimbabwean MP: Job Sikhala meets me asking for R2 million in support


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Jay Jay Sibanda introduced me to Job Sikhala in Rosebank, Johannesburg during the time of the land seizures. He was very popular in Zimbabwe and he was a member of parliament. He had told me that Job was one of the most ardent and bold critics of Robert Mugabe. We met briefly in about April 2003.

Many years later, possibly round about 2016, I was contacted by Job Sikhala. He wanted to meet me. He came to Johannesburg and I met him. His chauffeur was a white male and he had an assistant with him. He came to tell me that he had various plans, and that he wanted funding. He said he needed R2 million in support for his plans.

I told him I did not have R2 million to fund him with. So after a pleasant meeting, we parted company.

I knew whites who were involved in the creation of the MDC in Zimbabwe. The MDC was a black/white creation with whites providing the money and organisation and the blacks providing the candidates and voters. Whites were the financial backers of the MDC. My own view is that this is one of the key reasons why Mugabe wanted to seize the land. He could see that the white farmers were growing extremely wealthy. Even more importantly, the white farmers were turning their workers against ZANU PF. Therefore Mugabe needed to destroy the financial backing of the MDC. Destroying the farmers and white businessmen who were behind the MDC would result in the MDC’s ultimate collapse.

I suspect that after 2010, that the MDC was probably much more cash strapped than it had ever been. Zimbabwe has not recovered, and most likely will NEVER recover from the economic implosion that was caused by the destruction of the white farmers. The unemployment, as best I can ascertain is in the region of 90% or more. There is no work there for anyone.

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