What the Communist Nelson Mandela said about the Super-Rich Jewess Helen Suzman


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[Here’s a quote from Mandela about Suzman. She was stinking rich. I even heard her on the radio saying “I don’t feel unsafe … I don’t think we need GUNS!” Sure, bitch, you felt safe living among the super-rich in Houghton in Johannesburg! She was a “Liberal” and was behind what has now been transformed into the (((Democratic Alliance))). She had a seat in parliament during Apartheid.

My Boer NAZI pal says he read that on the day Dr Verwoerd was killed, that PW Botha stormed across parliament straight to Helen Suzman and said to her: “Your people did this!” Sadly, this was before my Jewish awakening, because then I could have asked PW Botha if this had happened. He did tell me some things about Israel and Jews even though at the time I was far from being awake to the scourge of the Jewish backstabbing filth! Jan]

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