IMPORTANT: Supporter suggestion to put Whites in touch with each other…

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I’m busy replying to folks, and one of my supporters came up with this idea which I think is great and I’m game for it, and any other good ideas. So read this. I’d love to have feedback from folks regarding it. My main concern always is to firstly protect my supporters from Jewish spies and Jewish maliciousness and Jewish harassment. But otherwise I love the idea.

This is what he wrote:-

Fantastic I’m always excited for the in-depth analysis videos! Also Jan have you ever thought about doing a connect type service like wayoftheworld did? He basically just had people email them their names and the general area of the state/country they lived in and if they where close he would put them in contact. I’ve met three great pro white friends through there I think the quality of people on your websites and channels would be even better though as I love your no bullshitting stance. It’s what’s best for team white no matter what we have to do or say to anybody else. Anything that advances the white racial cause is justified. I fucking love that approach. The civic nationalist time is so far gone the only way we’ll win is with radicals. Anyways lots of ideas for you let me know if you decide to do anything of the sorts. Take care Jan.

My reply:-

Can you explain or show a link to wayoftheworld?

A lot of people are afraid. So my first thought is to protect my supporters. I am concerned about how easy it is for Jewish spies to enter a group and to then begin perhaps doxxing those people. Many people are so afraid, to a great degree to share even the slightest information because of the nasty things that Jews have done. I’m shocked at the extent to which white Americans have even dumped Internet services and all kinds of automatic, computer/internet based ways of doing things … and it is all because of the kind of behaviour that Jews have engaged in. So doxxing and then harassment scares people.

I am aware that The Daily Stormer had a book club idea going, and apparently that has worked well.

I have noticed in SA as well, how nice it is when even a few folks can sit and chat together. It brings about a chance for people to finally talk … AND they are talking about SERIOUS, USEFUL STUFF. Even when they do talk about silly things like prophecies … which never come true … it still results in them gathering together, chatting, reading, talking, and it builds a comradeship. It is healthy. It is so far superior to operating like a Jew-slave who focuses on his (useless) career (as I did), and you never get to think about anything real or important. It does take us into a NEW WORLD. And its very needed. Here in SA for example, we’re far too capitalistic and we think only of money and people just read the newspapers. But all that has been changing. So its great that whites are slowly gathering together. I too, have wondered if there are better ways forward. I found it interesting watching the military groups getting together and whites discussing our DEATHS… and I listen to them discussing how our enemies will try to destroy us, and what we will need, etc.

Let it be said that it takes courage to sit and consider YOUR IMMINENT DEATH, and there were many who believed DEATH and WAR was NEXT WEEK!!!! Yet they would sit and discuss it. All in all I like it a lot. I think it is healthy and the beginning of greater things.

I do like the idea of creating services that are of use to whites. Most definitely so. I have wondered about ways of bringing people together. I have also had the odd request for men to be introduced to women, etc. But these are not many requests. And sadly our numbers are not high enough to allow that.

I do like your idea of introducing people. If you can elaborate more on how you imagine it should work then let me know. And if you have links or examples, I’m interested.

Now, having thought of the negatives. I do, very much like the idea of people emailing me and giving their details and then putting them in touch. I like that idea a lot.

I am open to ideas that could be useful to whites. So all ideas are welcome.

Let me ponder this and I will also post this on my site. I think it’s a nice idea. We just need to ensure that nobody has a bad experience because of this. But this is awesome.

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