URGENT: Errors on my website … videos & contact us & donations…

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Whites: Know your enemy: Fun Facts about (((Liberals)))
Liberals are NOT our friends! Liberals are the ENEMIES of ALL Whites. Here are some fun memes about Liberals.

Just a note, it came to my attention from one of my readers that she could not view a video. I went and looked and discovered to my horror that there are a number of serious problems including, yet again my Contact us page and my Donations pages.

I will dive in urgently to look into the matter.

NOTE: I read all comments, so if people see things that are not right, feel free to leave messages in the comments on any of the articles, since I check the comments. That is how I realised this.

My apologies to everyone.

I’ll dive into it shortly and see what the heck is going on.

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B.A.B.A - Boere & Afrikaner Bevolking Aanwas Program
Ons het ons eie BABA BOOM nodig soos Amerika gehad het. Kontak ons ​​vir meer besonderhede oor die BABA-program.

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