Video: Whites, we do the IMPOSSIBLE! – Home made sugar rocket reaches Mach 2.2 & 41,000 feet


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[Our race is always pushing the limits of what is possible. The IMPOSSIBLE …. that's what we Whites do. I assure you, that entire governments in Africa could not do this without insane amounts of funding, meanwhile, a small group of people did this. This was done with a Sugar rocket! Nothing more sophisticated than that. But I do know that even American school kids have built rockets that reached space! Anyway, sugar rockets are very simple rockets, but here a guy built a 2 stage sugar rocket that reaches the height at which jet airliners fly … and in so doing … it accelerated to over Mach 2.2. Whites … WE DO THE IMPOSSIBLE – That's US! Jan]

Here’s the video:

This was done in 2013:

12,721 Meters Mach 2.24 – 2,748 KPH 1st stage – 20,065ft 2nd Stage -41,736 Feet O motor 22,000ns 125mm motor casing 3 meters high 8:52am 16/11/2013

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