South Africa: Hundreds of Thousands going HUNGRY! – Extension of lockdown will have devastating impact on economy


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[Look at the impact, and this is only after 3 weeks. We've still got another 2 to go. For sure. It will merely speed up the implosion that is well under way. Jan]

Extension of lockdown will have devastating impact on economy

[The author of this seems to be a white guy who runs the Western Cape, a weak Liberal who is used to licking the feet of blacks. Jan]

WCape Premier says businesses buckling under pressure, and hundreds of thousands going hungry
Statement by Premier Alan Winde: Western Cape Government to make formal submission to President Ramaphosa on stimulating economy during lockdown and transitioning into the “new normal.”

11 April 2020

On Thursday afternoon, President Cyril Ramaphosa called all Premiers to consult on his decision to extend the lockdown by another 14 days. As I listened to the President, I related to the unenviable position that he found himself in.

The extension of this lockdown will have a devastating impact on our economy, and the livelihoods of millions of people in South Africa. We are already starting to see its impact as businesses buckle under pressure and hundreds of thousands of people go hungry. This effect will be felt for years to come.

But we have also seen what has happened in countries around the world where the virus is not contained. If we do not stop the spread, our healthcare system will be overwhelmed, and thousands of people will die. People that we love and care for will die. Saving lives must be our government’s top priority at all times.

This is what makes this crisis so unprecedented and why the response to it requires an approach that is strong, but also flexible; so that we can stop the spread of this virus, but also be adaptive and innovative to keep our economy going. We need to do this for our future and that of our children.

This needs to be done in line with data and global best-practice, and it requires us being prepared to listen to and engage with constructive input.

In my conversation with the President on Thursday afternoon, I pledged the Western Cape Government’s continued support for our country’s efforts to stop the spread. Our health teams are working around the clock, and we will work even harder to save lives. We need a common resolve now more than ever.

But I also expressed to the President that we need to adopt common-sense regulations that balance the objective of limiting human movement and gathering (the scientific reason for the lockdown) with basic human liberties and the stimulation of economic activity to protect millions of jobs.

A lockdown for months on end is not feasible at all, and so, we need to ask ourselves: what is the “new normal” that will become our way of life until the pandemic ends? How can we support businesses to adapt to this new reality as soon as possible?

As we find these answers, we must start to implement them sooner rather than later. It is possible to be both strong and adaptive.

In a time of crisis, constructive engagement and proper scrutiny of our country’s approach is critical to make sure we are always on the right path. It is for this reason, and in this spirit of achieving the best outcome for our country, that the Western Cape Government will make a formal submission to the President with proposals on how this common-sense approach to economic stimulus could be achieved – and achieved sooner rather than later.

We will engage with key sector organisations and individual businesses to compile concrete proposals on how the private sector can generate economic activity while still preventing and stopping the spread of the virus.

Indeed, there is an onus on companies to demonstrate with specifics how they can still operate innovatively in line with government’s key objectives. These engagements will encourage this conversation and will form the basis of the proposal to the President.

My message to all our residents in the Western Cape is to remain hopeful. I know this is a scary and frustrating time. We are unsure of our future, and we are worried about the health of our loved ones. I urge you to be strong, as I know we all can be, and to do whatever you can to help us stop the spread. And remember to be kind, compassionate and caring, and of course, to stay home. If we do this, we will emerge stronger from this crisis, and we will have saved many lives.

Issued by Office of Western Cape Premier, 11 April 2020


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